Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Good Day

So, today was a pretty good day. We all woke up early and Miguel got an early start on his leaf raking :) We got dressed and had breakfast and Miguel was done raking before we even left, so I left Mikey and Lij here with him...yay :) I got a couple of hours of kid free shopping...can't beat that!! We went by Target, but I didn't get anything there. Then we went by M's to use some coupons we had. I got that Martha Stewart simple scallop punch that I'd been wanting, but couldn't find anymore. They had it!! And with a coupon, it only came out to $4.80! You CANNOT beat that!! I also got some cool alpha stamps, some too cute puffy owl stickers and me and my sis split a tin of Prima Poinsettias.We came home for lunch and then we left to do our "family thang" :) We went by Big Lots to get a birthday gift and I went to the Dollar Tree right next door and found some of those awesome chipboard alpha stickers and those foam and chipboard accents that resemble the AC stuff...yay!! Then we took the kids to see "Bolt". It was a GREAT movie...loved it! We were laughing the whole time and so were the kids! Then we just did our grocery shopping, picked up some food and came home. Good day all in all. Here are some pics to share :)

Something is up with Blogger and I can't upload pics...will have to wait until tomorrow...night :)

Could it be??

That my mojo is returning?? Oh, please let it be so :) I managed to finish another LO tonight after I read to Mikey and put him to bed and Miguel and Lij were playing a video game. I really love it too! And it didn't seem stressful scrapping all :) Maybe it's just hard for me to try to scrap while Mikey is awake and running around...too many distractions. Anyway, I used a bunch of different stuff on it...some new, some kind of old...some pretty old. LOOOOVE those American Crafts puffy Thickers!!! Do they only come in those four colors?? I'd love for them to come out with more colors...maybe even different fonts although I just LOVE this one. Kind of reminds me of a Doodlebug font. Anyway, no more scrapping at least for the weekend. Tomorrow, Miguel decided he wants to rake I'm taking Mikey with me and going shopping with my Mom and sis. I will try not to go broke!! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Follow me :)

I just added the "Followers" gadget to my blog. Please add my blog to the blogs you follow :)

Finally...some scrapping

So I finally got some scrapping done today. Okay, I don't think "one" page constitutes as "some scrapping", but I'll take it! :) I really love it too! I'm still scrapping in the smaller size. I think right now that I've been feeling in a rut with my scrapping would probably not be the best time to go back to 12x12...too much space to fill...who needs the pressure? I was wanting to scrap some of the pics I took yesterday of me with the kids, but I don't want to push it. It took me about an hour or so just to do the one. But I was getting up and getting the kids stuff, doing other was not uninterrupted scrap time. Maybe later tonight after the kids are in bed. Or maybe tomorrow after we come home and are done with our errands and stuff. We need to go get Mikey's hair cut tomorrow. Lij's is long too, but he doesn't really like when I get his hair cut short (I do love it). So I told him I'd let him grow it out for a while and see what it does. His hair tends to "poke out" and away from his head for a good while until it gets long enough to lay flat. The last part of his pokey hair is almost gone and it's laying flat nicely :) I told him we could leave it long, but take him somewhere to get it styled so that it doesn't just look like a big mop of hair. We'll probably take him next weekend. I think his hair will be good to go by then. Other than that, don't really have any plans for the weekend. We might take the kids to see "Bolt"...not sure. Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. We had a nice dinner at Miguel's parent's house and then picked up Lij at his dad's house. I got to see Miguel's niece Adriana :) Hadn't seen her in a while! So many things to be thankful for today :) I am blessed :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some tree pics

While trying to take some more pics of Mikey in front of the tree tonight, I remembered about changing the ISO on my camera to get more of the look of the tree lights. I tried it and got these which I really like. They are a bit grainy though and I think that is normal for when you raise your ISO...I could be wrong as I'm sure some people take really awesome pics with the same effect I want, but maybe with better cameras! LOL I took photography back in HS for two years and we did all that stuff digi cameras back then, but I can't remember a darned thing! :( Anyway, I think I'll try to take some more tomorrow. And some of Lij too! TFL :)

Shake what your Momma gave ya! :)

Here's a funny video clip I took of Mikey "dancing" tonight. He sure cracks me up!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Card for a friend

I had "tried" to start working on this card on Friday, but I just didn't "feel" like it so I left it alone. Today while I was trying to put it together, I remembered an idea I had been wanting to try. On some channel where Mikey watches cartoons on demand...maybe Sprout or Noggin..not sure...there is a cute little bird that I thought I could try to duplicate with scalloped ovals. Well, I don't have a scalloped oval punch, but I do have the circles! So my bird is a little "round" me! LOL JK :) But I think he came out way cute!! I made this card for a friend's upcoming birthday. I hope she likes it!

I'm back

On Friday, I did 46 minutes on the treadmill...2.7 miles. I ran a few minutes here and there on and off, but not non stop...still having the same issue with my leg when I run...a bit sad about that because I really do like running. But I'm glad about the time I managed to go that day. I planned on getting on it today, but now I'm not sure. I'm going to try to...really I am...scouts honor :) Miguel came home for an early lunch so that threw me off schedule a bit. I went ahead and ate lunch with him so now I have to give myself some time before I work out. I just don't want it to get late on me. We'll see. I want to at least squeeze in 30 minutes.

So on Saturday, since Lij stayed at his dad's this weekend :( it was just me, Miguel and Mikey. We went to eat breakfast at Panchito's and then went by a Tuesday Morning that is right across from there. I was hoping to find some of those cool Mia kits that my sis got, but no luck :( They only had a small end cap of scrapbooking supplies at this one and not too many things I was interested in. I did manage to find this cool pack of MM printed cs and a really pretty K&Co. Scrap Pad To Go. Both for only $4 each...not bad at all!! Also went by Michael's...only because we were at Old Navy at The Quarry and M's is RIGHT next door, but I didn't find a thing I wanted if you can believe that! I did get 3 of those Studio G stamps from the Dollar bins...two for a friend and one for me, but I used up the last of the gift card Melody sent me so I didn't spend any money. We did our grocery shopping, bought Mikey a toy for going poop in the potty. He's been wearing underwear for the past week or so and NO accidents..thank God! I never thought the day would come when I'd get Mikey out of pullups!! We dropped Mikey off with my mom and then Miguel and I had another "date night" which I really think we need right now. It was nice. We had dinner at Bennigan's and then watched that James Bond movie "Quantum Solace". It was okay...I'm not really into those kinds of movies. That's more Miguel's stuff. But nothing else good was showing and he really wanted to see that. Miguel came home from work really early yesterday which is rare so after I showered and he took a little nap, we went to WM to let Mikey pick out some underwear like we had promised him...he picked some Cars ones. I also got him some cute screen print long sleeved shirts. Today, after I did what was left of my cleaning, me and Mikey put up the small tree my mom had here last year. I decided that I wanted to keep the tree simple and went with silver and aqua blue with white lights. I need to get another strand of silver bead garland because I ran short. I think I might also get some smaller silver ornaments, but that's it. I really like the way it looks. I got some scrap goodies in the mail today...some of those Puffy Thickers I had been wanting...LOVE them! I need to work on a birthday card for a friend, but maybe I can get some scrapping done later tonight or tomorrow. Still itching to get that mojo back! That's all for now :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 4

35 minutes again today...still at 1.0 incline, 3.5 speed. I ran the last three or four minutes, but my leg was hurting while I did. I know I shouldn't have, but I made myself just run through it. I don't know what it is. When I'm walking, I'm fine. When I start running, as soon as I step down on that foot, it hurts. Kind of like a shooting pain from my ankle up my shin and to my knee. Not sure what it could be. Anyway...another day down :)

Day 3

Just for my personal benefit, I am keeping track of my workout stuff here. I did 33 minutes today. I kept the incline at 1.0 today though because yesterday my leg was hurting a bit. I did 28 minutes walking and was able to run the last five at 4.0, but I took the incline down to 0 for that. Good workout and I'm not hurting at all right my leg or knee that had been bothering me so that's good. I'm planning on working out again in a while and then again tomorrow and taking the weekend off since Elijah will be home and I don't want to take that time away from him. So, so good! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 2

So I successfully did my workout today. 30 minutes at a 3.0 incline. The last four, I took the incline down to 0 for a cool down and alternately ran and walked. I couldn't do the full four minutes straight today and I didn't push myself to either which I think I normally would have. If I was hurting, I would have forced myself to go on anyway. No today. It did hurt a little today, but nothing major. I guess just normal getting back into exercising stuff.
Anywho...I wanted to scrap today. I keep feeling the "urge", but I'm just not getting excited about it. I know there have been times when I start on a page with something in mind and as I'm working...ideas keep coming as far as what to put where and "oh, I can use that new this and that" and everything just seems to "flow" and it's all happy and fun. Well, it hasn't felt that way lately even though I've done a few pages I really love. And I'm wondering why. I've gotten sooo many cool, new things from the birthday club or stuff I've bought that I'm dying to use, but then I just don't. Sometimes I wonder too, if maybe it's that I have SO many products and papers and stuff to choose from that it's hard to pick so then it becomes a tedious process instead of a fun hobby. I know that by comparison, there are probably people who have a TON more stuff than I do, but maybe I've just feeling overwhelmed with what I have...not sure. Anyone else ever feel like this? If so, how do you get around it or how do you get out of your rut and back into LOVING this hobby? I need some ideas.
Hmm...what else? Nothing right now. Might go eat some lunch or take a nap or watch some tv...something. Thanks for the vent :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again...

Well, I had not been getting on the treadmill since my leg was hurting me really badly. My leg stopped hurting after a couple of weeks, but I still didn't get back on. Fast forward about five weeks and I was feeling it. My clothes was fitting me tighter or not fitting me the way it had been. Especially my bras. Yep, that's where I notice it first and then in the dreaded "belly fat" area. I could "see" it is not pretty!! So I guess when I am "working out" even though I don't see the drop in pounds the way I would like, it really IS doing alot of good. And in a way I can see AND feel. So after looking at my bigger body in the mirror the other decided that I needed to get off my arse and get back in gear because now that my leg is better, I really have no excuses. So, today was my first day back on. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I set the incline to 3.0 and my speed at 3.5. I knew I was going to have to start out slow again and maybe I shouldn't overdo it either. Maybe that pain in my leg was a sign to not push myself so hard. I can't help it though. Sometimes when I feel that it's just "too easy", I think I have to go longer or harder or faster and maybe that's just not the case. Anyway, I did 34 minutes. I was able to run that last four non stop at 4.0, but not at the incline and it wasn't so bad. I'm also attempting at cutting out bad food...again...attempting is the key word. First far, so good. After I did all my house cleaning, working out and what not, my mom took Mikey out to ride his bike and I was able to scrap a quick page that I think came out very cute. I used a Pencil Lines sketch...Sketch 111. I like their sketches. Oh, I also got another package in the mail today from that birthday club even though I know my birthday was about three weeks ago. Here's a few pics :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Here's a card

Here's a quick card I made for a very good friend of mine. I got the inspiration for it from Danielle Flanders' blog. She makes some awesome cards! TFL :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Free Day for Me :)

Yesterday morning, I got woken up pretty early...7:30. Mikey kept coughing on and off throughout the night so I didn't get to sleep well, so I was NOT ready to get up yet. My alarm wasn't set to go off for another hour. But I brought him to the livingroom and snuggled with him and watched TV for a bit before I got ready to meet Chon at Crossroads. My mom kept Mikey for the day since she's on vaca so I could take a nice, little break....MUCH needed. Chon brought her neighbor, Ruby with her so we all hung out together most of the day...very nice girl :) We went to HL, Joanne's and Target. I didn't buy anything at HL, got a few bottles of that glitter glue, a few inkpads, and a couple of the acrylic stamps from J's Dollar Bins, and at Target I got Lij a pack of those boxer briefs he likes so much because they were half off. I'm sure he'll appreciate me posting that here! LOL So, then we went back to my sis's and she made chili and cornbread...yummy and we scrapped for a bit. I only had three pages planned, but I got them all done in like 30 minutes! LOL The rest of the time we just hung out, we picked up the kids from school and I alphabetized some of my sis's paper! LOL I can't believe as organized as she is, that it wasn't already done like that! Mine is! :) Miguel didn't pick me up until 10:00, so I pretty much had the whole day Mikey free. But it also gave me some time to miss him. We stopped at McD's on the way home to get some food, so I got my baby a Happy Meal which we was very happy to get and he ate all his food :) It was a pretty good day. Here are the pages I got to do minus the journaling I still need to add.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've Got the blues....

I've got the I'm so tired of being sick from my allergies, can't get a moment to myself, want to scrap, but have NO ideas or motivation, I need a vacation BAAAAADD, I want to sleep on the couch bluuuuuueesss....oh yeahhhh! LOL What the heck is wrong with me? I am DYING to create, but when I think of having to think of something, take out all my stuff, wonder if Mikey will even let me get anything done or if I'm just going to have to put all my stuff back...ugh, it's just so discouraging and I'd rather not even try! Anyone else ever feel like this or it just me?? Please tell me I'm not the only one! I was hoping to get some scrapping done tonight, but after I spent the better part of the day cleaning and then napped a bit on the couch after I took my allergy meds, then ate dinner, bathed Mikey, took a shower, put some laundry away...I just didn't feel like it anymore. Boo hoo!! I have a big pile of new stuff laying on my table just waiting to be used. Well, not anymore because I had it sitting there for days so I had to put it in its proper place. I even got some YUUUUMMMY goodies in the mail today...some more stuff from that birthday club I'm in. But even that didn't motivate me. I'm sitting here right now looking at all my stuff in my clear pocket organizer over my table and looking at all its yummy contents, but nothing :( WAAAAHHHH! I don't even remember how long I have gone without scrapping. Or if it's ever happened before. Chon wants to get together sometime this week. Since my Mom is on vacation, she can watch Mikey for me so I can have a little break, but now I have to think of stuff to work on. I still want to get some Halloween pics scrapped. Oh will someone please send me some scrappy mojo my way? Sasha? Janey? Chon?? ANYONE?? LOL

On to other news...LOL Yesterday morning, i was planning on waking up and making the kids a nice breakfast like pancakes and bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. Well, Mikey snuck out of my bed around nine or so and I heard him shuffling around the room looking for his shirt (he HAS TO sleep shirtless) and slippers because he said the floor was cold. I got out of bed like thirty minutes later and made my way to the kitchen where I found Lij had made himself some scrambled eggs and toast and had even set a place for Mikey and had given him a piece of toast! Darn! It JUST now dawned on me that I should have taken a picture of him!! I give scrapbookers a bad name!! LOL Anyway, it just made me see how fast Lij is growing up and becoming so independent and self sufficient and how pretty soon, he's probably not going to need me for much. And pretty soon, Mikey will be there too!!! SLOW DOWN...please!! LOL I'm proud of Lij though. Spending all this extra time with his dad is really benefiting him. I definately have him to thank for Lij slowly but surely coming out his shell :) Okay, what else?? Hmm...I think that is it for now. Pics of my scrappy goodies follow :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


And I got ALL this at Joanne's!! I went with the intentions of ONLY buying that trim I talked about, but when I went to look today, they didn't really have the colors I wanted :( I did get the Cloud 9 diecut quotes...that WAS on the "list", but I also got some more of that cool "Lucky You" stuff and a couple of other things that were 30% off!! I also went to M's after the movies and spent $4 from the gc Mel gave me...still have some left too :)

We actually started out the day "early". Well, early for us that is because we are ALWAYS late...ALWAYS! We stopped by Sonic first and picked up some slushes for Miguel's parents and went by their shop for a quick visit. Then, we drove around for what seemed like FOREVER looking for a place to eat breakfast. We had originally gone to Panchito's, but there was a LONG line and I did not want to wait. But now that I think of it, for all the driving we did, by the time we did sit down to eat, we could have just waited there. We ended up eating at this place called Taco Taco Cafe and waited in line there too, but not for long. The food was good. We took the kids to the movies from there. I'm sad to say that Madagascar 2 was not all I had hoped it would be :( It was funny, but in my opinion, not as funny as the first one. And too much "adult humor" I think. I know small kids don't "get it", but I bet there are some that do. The kids seemed to like it though. Other than that, we didn't do much. Oh, we took the kids to Toys R Us so that Mikey could pick a toy because this morning...we actually got him to POOP in the potty!! Yep, I know it's only one time, but this is a BIG deal!! I wonder what it is with Mikey and pooping on the potty. He will swear up and down that he doesn't have to poop and then go hide somewhere and do his business to avoid sitting on the toilet. He will sit there to pee so I don't think it's a fear of the toilet. I don't know, but speaking for myself...LOL..I'd rather just "go" in the potty than have all that "stuff" smeared all over me! LOL Yeah, that sounded gross!! But really!! I don't get it!! Like just GO ALREADY!! LOL Hopefully this will be the beginning of getting him out of his pullups. They are pretty pricey and I'm tired of wiping butts! LOL Oh anyway, Mikey got some Play Doh set and of course, then I had to let Lij pick something and he got some kind of Ipet speaker thing that's a penguin and you can plug your Ipod into it and it lights up and stuff. I don't know what it is! LOL But he did, so whatever! Then we just did our grocery shopping and came home and ate dinner and just chilled. Right now, the kids are watching tv and I'm getting kind of sleepy so I'm going to be heading off to bed in a bit. So, good night :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Under the weather....

Ugh, remember how I said I wasn't feeling good? Well, I'm throat hurts/itches and so does my head/eyes. I'm sneezing and stuffy and runny all at the same time. I'm taking antibiotics, but I still don't feel good at all. But thank God, thank God, thank God (yes, I had to thank Him three times) that even though Mikey is a bit sneezy/ stuffy, ect, he sure doesn't act sick, still has his appetite and has not gotten a fever which means no infection which is always good. I'm STILL struggling with the scrapping thing. I'm going to attribute it to my not feeling well and hope that when this allergy thing goes away, my mojo will come back...cross your fingers.

Lij got dropped off yesterday afternoon :) and we had chicken pot pie for dinner...mmmmmm. His dad and his wife are going on a cruise..leaving tomorrow for like a week I think so I hope they have a fun and safe trip. Oh getting back to the LO...I lost my train of thought...I did ONE page last night and it was not fun...sad feeling not "feeling" the scrapping. But still think the page was cute. I think I'll leave it alone for a while and not try to force myself to do anything.

Tomorrow, we are taking the kids to see Madagascar 2...can't wait! I LOOOOOOVED the first one and this one looks pretty funny too! I'm probably more excited than the kids are. I'm going to try to swing by that new Joanne's and get these cool Cloud 9 diecuts my sis got there that apparently I didn't see when I went on my birthday. And I've been dying for some of that pom pom fringe trim I've seen so many people use. They had so many different colors too the last time I went. Other than that, no big plans...just family time. My mom is on vacation and left with two of my aunts to El Paso to visit my cousin Tino. She'll be back on Sunday.

Well, that's all for now. I'm not feeling so great so I think I'll go veg out on the couch while the kids watch tv. I am not doing dinner tonight....Domino's pizza for dinner :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where does depression hurt....

everywhere. Who does depression hurt? Everyone. LOL I'm just kidding! And I am in no way making fun of anyone who suffers from depression. Has anyone seen that commercial though? For some reason, that's how I have been feeling lately. Not depressed, but just tired and I have no motivation to do anything whatsoever. I just want to lay on the couch and nap or do nothing and bum around. As I was laying on the couch earlier about to take a nap with Mikey, that commercial popped into my head. And I thought I would be a good candidate for that just laying on my couch vegging out! LOL Maybe it's just a "phase". I know my allergies have been bothering me on and off lately so I've been taking allergy meds which do make me very drowsy so that may be attributing to my "tired" feeling. Who knows! But hopefully it goes away soon!

I "tried" scrapping earlier today. I say "tried" because as much as I had the urge to be creative....NOTHING was coming to me. And I resisted the urge to lift something in order to "force" my brain to It took me about three hours maybe to finally get it done and it was like pulling teeth! Which is kind of sad because I absolutely LOVE scrapping, but it was not so much fun today. But on the up side, I do LOVE my LO! And I used some of that cool lace I got a WM a couple of weeks back. Another happy surprise today, I got another birthday gift in the mail today from that Birthday Club I am in on a site I post on....some Doodlebug alpha stickers which I just think I can never have enough of and some cool ribbons. Thanks, Cyndi :) Well, that's about all for today! If anyone has some scrappy mojo in excess, please send it my way :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pics and a LO

I tried getting back into the scrapping groove mid last week and used a LO Chon had done for inspiration. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'm feeling "the itch" to scrap, but my mind is just not in the right frame of mind lately...too much else going on in there I guess.
Gilbert dropped Elijah off to me Thursday after school, so I got some extra time with him :) My sis and her husband picked us up on Friday and we went over to their house because we were going to do trick or treating with them. The kids were REALLY excited about it. Lij was dressing up as Michael Jackson and Mikey was going to be a pirate, but changed his mind at the last minute when my sister showed him a Cat in the Hat costume she had. He looked SO cute in it!! And he was SO fascinated with his TAIL! LOL I did NOT get the good pictures I had anticipated :( It was already too dark to get good pics on any other setting except night time and by the time the third flash went off, the kids had already moved a million times! Out of the 95 pics I took, I only got a handful of good ones...oh well!! The kids all had a great time and got lots of candy. We had a late night pizza party and didn't get to bed until well after midnight. Good times :) Pretty much all going on here. Oh, I just ordered some of those ADORABLE Prima journal cards with the little animals on them and they came in the mail yesterday. I just placed my order like two days THAT is quick!! I must remember to leave some really good feedback! I got both the boy and girl sets...can't wait to use them! I hope my scrappy mojo comes for a visit...I miss it :( That's all for now!


The last pic is of some charm bracelets I made. The black one is for my sister and the green one, I'm going to send my good friend, Melissa :) I made a black one for myself too :)