Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here are all my latest pages in no particular order :) This puts my LO count at 110 for the year. I think Chon is ahead of me by one...I need to catch up!! lol The first three I did yesterday. Chon and I had a little scrapping/shopping day. Didn't even really do much shopping. We went by Target, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Scrapbook Heaven and Tuesday Morning, but there wasn't much I wanted. Can you believe that?? I bought 5 sheets of paper and two sheets of stickers at half off @Hobby Lobby, a pack of MM Flea Market line cb and transparent clocks and the 8x8 pack of paper from that same line @Target, got some Lil' Davis Halloween cb letters and journal stickers, some Heidi Grace rubs, and a sheet of quote stickers @Big Lots, NOTHING at Scrapbook Heaven (that is always a disappointment but Chon always insists on, and a 8x8 pack of Pink Paislee Pop Fashion paper at Tuesday Morning. Okay, maybe I DID buy alot of stuff! LOL What I meant to say I guess then, is that I didn't spend alot of money on these things. The most expensive thing I got was the 8x8 paper pack at Target and that was $4.99. Everything else was less than that. The Pink Paislee pack was only $1.99!!! That is just AWESOME!! And all the Lil' Davis stuff and the other stickers...a dollar!! Can't beat that!! So I got those three pages done and we shopped,had lunch and just hung out...good times :)
Today, we were going to meet up w/Chon and Steve and the kids at Fiesta Texas...a very last minute thing. And when we get there, we are told the park is closed to the public because Valero is having their company picnic! BOOOOOO! So sad! Mikey had been asleep and woke up just as were driving up the parking booth and he was just SO excited! I felt so bad that we couldn't stay! :( :( We ended up meeting up at a park by Chon's house and the kids played for a bit. We did some shopping after and then did our grocery shopping, then came home. I picked up a book yesterday at Wal Mart called "The Shack". A friend recommended it and said it was really good. I started reading it today and so far, I like it. I'm sure I can finish it in a couple of days. I also picked up another book at the Family Christian Store called "Captivating". Don't know if I had mentioned that Miguel had gotten me a present while I was away at my retreat and one of the things in there was a small book with some verses and stuff from that book. I liked the smaller book, so decided to get the other to read as well. I love glad I started reading again...didn't realize how much I missed it! Oh, at Target today I also picked up the MM Spook Alley 12x12 and 8x8 packs...really like them! The larger pack has 6 of each sheet so I'm going to share that one w/Chon if she doesn't have it already. I also picked up two packs of these Colorbok Transparency Frames they had there for a dollar...SO cool! Can't wait to use those! That's about it. Tomorrow is church w/Laura and afterwards we are meeting up with Chon and our friend Maria for lunch...should be FUN! Last time we got together, we ended up staying at the restaurant for SIX hours! lol So much fun when we get together! Gotta remember my camera :)Until later :)