Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It looks just like I invisioned....

The LO I did today turned out just like I had wanted with the small exception of the dumb paper "buckling". I used some Glimmer Mist on it...had never done that before and had been dying to use some. I love the effect, the way it looks, but I don't think the thin paper did so well. I'm guessing it's probably meant more for heavier weight paper or cardstock. If anyone has any tips for using it on thin paper or knows that it's not really meant for thin paper, please let me know! Thanks! :) So, the page was a lift from Cobb something or other...need to find out her exact name...on 2 Peas. Of course, I didn't lift it exactly, but still...wanted to mention her. Chon and I took those pics on Saturday with our new "summer scarves" we got at Target...lol...they are really cute! Now I want a whole collection of them! :)

Got some stuff I had ordered from 2 Peas today. I was kind of bummed that the Prima notecards were missing one and two of them had some kind of "smudges" on them. One looked alot like a lipstick fingerprint and the other was just a black smudge of something. I emailed customer service earlier, but have yet to hear anything back. I hope they will offer to fix it somehow. Hmm...that's all for today...not much else going on. This is Lij's last week of school. On Thursday, they have a field trip to see The Night At The Museum and Friday is early release and his dad is taking him and the other kids to go see Up. I know Lij has been wanting to see that. Since Lij will be staying with his dad for the weekend, maybe we will take Mikey to see it on Saturday. Miguel has his ACTS retreat next weekend so let's see what we can go do this weekend. Maybe next weekend Chon and the kids can come over?? Okay, that's all for today...oh, this puts my LO count at...53 for the year!