Sunday, May 3, 2009


A page I LOVE! This was a lift off of the latest issue of Scrapbooks Ect. Sadly, I think it was the ONLY page I saw in there that inspired me or that I thought "Hey, I want to copy that!" Which is kind of a waste. I mean, scrap mags cost what? Like $6. And to only have liked one thing in there....I should have just looked at it in the store and tried to retain the LO in my head! Don't know how that would have worked though since most days, I can't remember much! That's why I stopped buying scrap mags to begin with, but that day we were doing our grocery shopping and I saw it and just thought I'd get it since I hadn't bought one is so long, but now I know....not to buy them anymore.

So, I really love the way it turned out. And I finally used my Cricut Expression again. This is only the second time I've used it. I really should use it was alot of money to just have sitting there. I really love it though. And I love that I have that option there" just in case". I LOVE that black bordered label I used on there. It's Jennifer Pebbles from 2 Peas. They are printable digital elements. They're called Swank labels I think and I just LOOOOOVE them! I can see myself using them on alot of stuff since I love that whole artisan shape for journaling elements. And yes Chon, I will send you the file so you can save them to your computer too :)

What else? Not much else is going on. Today was Miguel's first day back to work and I missed him terribly :( It's funny, but even after being together for over 5 years, I still get so happy to see his face. When he got home today, I heard him at the back door and I just ran and attacked kisses that is ;) Tomorrow is back to waking up at 6:30 to get Lij ready for school. I just HATE it and can't wait for the summer. I am NOT a morning person...AT ALL. Of course, over the summer, it will be non stop refereeing fights between Mikey and Lij so I don't know which I'd rather do...that or wake up early...hmmm....

Okay, that's all for today. Oh yesterday while perusing the superstore for one of the hourly challenges (the one I won I think), I came across some American Crafts clear backed alpha stickers that I just LOOOVED. They are that font that I am so crazy about that looks like those old TT Calamity Jane font stamps. Anyway, I got THREE packs! Yes, I'm afraid to run out! LOL But I swear, that is the LAST of my shopping...for a while...or at least today....the week? I'm not making any promises! LOL :D