Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here are three more pages I've done in the past few days. This puts my LO count at 118 for the year. The first one is a lift off of one of the neighbors at Burns. The second is a lift from my fave 2 Peas artist April Yap and the last one was all me. I'm not too crazy about that one though. But there it is! lol
Yesterday I went to the gym with a goal in mind. To at least run the 18 minutes I'd ran the last two times I went to the gym, but I was really going to try to hang in there for an extra two minutes to make it 20. Well, I was able to add one more minute for a total of TWENTY ONE minutes of consecutive running! WOOHOO! I was SO happy!! My ankle was slightly hurting, but not too bad and I wasn't really struggling to breathe which makes me think I really could have pushed myself just a little bit more and maybe done 25? Even so, I'm super happy that I have reached my goal!! I think it came out to a little over a mile and a half that I ran non stop which is SUPER for me I think. Oh, and if that wasn't enough....I also lost another 1.2 pounds! So that makes a total of 17 pounds that I've lost since June! I am SOO close to reaching one of my weight goals...only 4 pounds to go and I will be there! After that, I will have 24 more pounds to lose to reach my ideal weight. It's SO close. I know I can do it. I WILL do it!! :) I've also been practicing my pushups. At class on Monday, Brother James was talking about how important it is for us a women to have more strength in our arms and he suggested we do at least 10 GOOD pushups in the a.m. and again at night. So that we can work up to doing "guy" pushups instead of girl ones. So yesterday and today, I did my pushups and I think I did them pretty good too. I'd really like to tone up my arms more so I'm going to keep doing that.
Hmm...not much else going on. We didn't have class today because Brother James had Open House at his daughter's school and I thought about going to the gym again, but my ankle is really hurting today. I guess I kind of over did it yesterday. But I'm sure I'll be fine by tomorrow so I'm definitely hitting the gym then and Friday...God willing :)
I think we are going to try to go to Lovecreek Orchards this Saturday. I didn't realize how few weekends we had left this month before Halloween. We can't go next weekend because that is our birthday. And the next one will be Halloween. So it has to be this weekend. I NEED my pumpkin patch pics! lol Speaking of birthdays, Chon and I will be turning 38! Yikes! Freaks me out!! It's only two years away from 40! I know that I surely don't look my age and I don't really 'feel' it either, but just the thought of 40 years of my life being behind me...well, that's just alot of time! Makes me realize how fast time goes by and how I should cherish every single moment of life that God blesses me with! I think we are just going to have a girls night out thing that Friday. Laura, my friend Maria, maybe Chon and I are going to see what we do. And on Saturday, Miguel and I are going to try to plan a little get away and spend the day together. At least, that was what I told him I wanted to do....don't know if it's still going to happen. I'll probably make myself a small cake....just to have one...but I promise I won't eat it all! LOL Oh, maybe I'll make myself a big brownie instead? We shall see :)
I think that's all for now. Later :)