Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I did some scrapping today and yesterday. Still not "feeling" it, but alot happier with my pages. I think I've been focusing my spare time on working out so my hobby is kind of falling to the wayside :( Speaking of working out, I hit the gym today and I was able to run 7 minutes consecutively on the treadmill today!! WOOOHOO!! I was so happy about that! My ankle only hurt me a little. I ran a total of 15 minutes walked 25. I was pooped by the time I got on the Elliptical though and I was only able to do 15 mins/1 mile. I just couldn't get myself to keep going! I usually do the Elliptical first and treamill after, but today I decided to switch it up for the very reason of trying to run more minutes. And I did, but like I said, it kicked my butt! But I was happy. And for my big accomplishment, lol...I treated myself to some scrappy stuff! :) I walked across the street from the gym to Hobby Lobby and bought myself a few sheets of paper. Paper Studio now has some manilla colored ledger paper and manilla colored lined paper. I also picked up a few random sheets: some MME Penny Lane and Breaking Free and some other Paper Studio papers with some cool stars on it. I also picked up an Anna Griffin tag pad and I used a coupon to get a Paper Studio star punch. Very happy with my new goodies :) Here's a few pages I've done recently. This puts my LO count at 99 for the year :)