Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look what he did.....

Miguel has been doing stuff around the yard since he's been on vaca this week: cutting the grass, trimming hedges, planting grass and he was working on this little project here. I think he did a great job! Those three small plants in the front are Lantanas and they smell so good! The one with the yellow flowers next to the windmill is Esperanza (Hope). He's been wanting to get one of those for a while. We also had plans of making a walkway in the back of the house because right now, there is just a tiny, narrow "path" and when it rains, it is so hard to maneuver off of the carport, down that "path" and to the back porch. But Miguel was so worn out from all this and we hadn't really been doing much since he was busy with these things, so for now, he's giving it a rest. Maybe in a couple of weeks, we can start up that project. I would have helped him more if I hadn't felt so sick.
Which speaking of, I am still sneezing and now I have this throat "thing" where I have to keep clearing my throat and then I get really, REALLY hoarse where you can hardly hear me talking (bet Miguel LOVES that!). BUT....I do feel better...I probably sound worse than how I feel. Yesterday, I felt pretty bad and Lij asks me "Mom, do you really feel bad?" And I say "yes". And he's like "maybe you should go to the doctor...what if you have that 'thing'?" (referring to the swine flu). Aw, crazy Lij. I told him I felt bad, but not THAT bad. I'm sure I'd know it if I had the flu...swine or any other kind! LOL Which btw, I was reading on my homepage headline news that the cases in Mexico are "leveling off". All this stuff that has been going on...geez, what a crazy world we live in! Just makes me think...
OH, today Lij had invited us to a little "talent show" they were having at his school. Not a big production....just something the 5th grade class had been wanting to do so they let them put on a little 45 minute show. Elijah of course, danced to TWO Michael Jackson songs. It is so hard to believe that is MY son up there. My SO shy, won't even look people in the eye son is up there spinning and "ow-ing" to Michael Jackson and the kids are just LOVING him. It was so funny! They are screaming out his name and clapping and just loving it. I was really proud! And so was he :) It was a good little show. There were a couple of little girls from his class who did several little "acts"...dancing and singing. One of the girls, Melanie I think was a good little singer! And that little girl could dance! I was like "wow"! They all did a great job and it was fun to watch!
Afterwards, we just took Lij out for the day since he only had an hour left and Miguel treated us all to lunch at this place called "Freddy's Custard...something or other" lol. It was good. Then we came home and did what old people NAPPED! Well, Miguel and I did. The kids were playing video games.
Right now, the kids are still playing and Miguel went to his ACTS meeting so I'm going to start baths in a bit and "maybe" scrap a page. I really have the itch...especially with all the new goodies I've gotten lately, but sadly...the ideas aren't coming and I'm just not "feeling it". Sometimes, that's just how it is....sigh....oh well!
Tomorrow, we are keeping Lij home from school..since he's been at school all week that Miguel has been home and Miguel officially declared it "Family Fun Day" LOLOL He wants to go downtown and take the kids to several places. Basically, we are going to be tourists in our own be fun...hope it's not humid like it was today...feels SOOO horrible. And hopefully, I'll feel a little bit better tomorrow too. And hopefully, everyone will cooperate and give me some good pictures!! :) Later :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm sick :(

And so is Mikey :( He actually had not been "acting" sick....still his normal, over active self, eating well, no fever, but for like the past two nights, I had noticed that when he was sleeping/laying down, he sounded very congested and was snoring very loudly which happens alot when he has throat infections. I had been giving him OTC allergy meds, but didn't see it helping any so decided to not take any chances and we took him in to see the doc this a.m. Sure enough, throat and ear infection. So, he's on antibiotics and hopefully on the road to recovery. I, on the other hand, am feeling cruddy. And wouldn't you know it....this didn't start until AFTER we left the doc's office or I would have gotten seen myself. I'm taking some OTC stuff myself and we will just see. Don't want to take any chances of just passing it back and forth between Mikey and myself. So if I don't feel any better in the next couple of days, I'm going back myself.

What else? Oh, after we took Mikey to the doc, Miguel dropped me off at Chon's and we hung out for a good part of the rest of the day. We went to M's and she found me two packs of that Martha Stewart woodgrain paper for $2.99. So, I got them both :) One of the packs will go to one of you :) So, if you aren't already a follower, please add yourself and leave me some comments. I'll be picking a winner soon!

I took all my paper scraps folders to Chon's and worked on that. I organized and threw away some...much better now.

Oh, Miguel has started doing some landscaping here at my mom's. It's looking really nice. We got some plants at Home Depot the other day and he was working on that today and yesterday. I'll take some pics and post them as soon as he's done.
What else? If there's anything else I wanted to say, I can't think of it now. I feel really cruddy so I think I'll go for now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The beginning of, for Miguel that is...not me. Hey, when is MY vacation?? Who do I have to speak with to put in a date request? If someone knows, please forward that information to me :D
Today, was his first day off. We slept in late...until about 10 then headed out and surprised the kids with a trip to Sea World! Mikey had only been when he was about two and I know he probably didn't remember much about it. He was just SO over the top excited when Lij read the Sea World sign out loud! They both were. Miguel got us season passes so we will try to go as much as we can. It was a good day to go too. Not too hot and it was pretty much overcast all day so no blaring sun on our poor skin! Oh, and there was just an awesome breeze all day out there too. We saw three shows...The one with the dolphins, the sea lion one and of course the Shamu show. Mikey rode the kiddie roller coaster. Well, I rode with him. Lij didn't want to get on...I think he was scared..LOL I think Mikey got scared once we were on it too because it did take a quick turn on several parts, but I was like "whee, this is fun!" So, he didn't think much of it after that. It only went around the "track" twice though so the whole ride literally lasted about two minutes if that. I got both of the kids a Shamu beanbag and we all got Souveneir cups because it's only .99 to refill after you have the cup. But GEEZ, $32 for four cups! YIKES! That is just INSANE! But we all had a good time. Oh, and unfortunately...NO pics! Yes, you heard right. I took my camera, but did I ever mention that my kids HATE taking pics? Don't they know I need material for scrapping? Work with me people! Maybe I'll get some the next time we go. We had dinner at a nearby Mc Donald's on the way home and after baths, Mikey and Lij both knocked right out! My ankle was hurting quite a bit today..probably from all that walking and all those stairs at the shows. It only hurts going down the stairs, not going up.

I don't know what we have planned for tomorrow. We still need to shop for groceries and I want to get Lij's haircut, but other than that...I think we will just hang out at home.
Hey, is anyone else freaked out about this "swine flu"? I saw it on the news yesterday with Katie Couric and then read up on it some today on the computer. They say it has the potential to become a pandemic. Gee, like I really need something else to freak me out and make me worry. All we can do I guess, is try to take precautions and pray that it doesn't spread any more than it has.

Well, that's all for now. I "was" going to catch up on my blog reading, but I'm really tired so I think I'll hit the sack. I'm the only one up right now and although I enjoy my "quiet time", it's been a long day. Night everyone :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm just doing my part....

to stimulate the economy! lol :) So we did some more shopping today and not so much scrapping! Oh, it's a never ending vicious cycle of scrappy goodness! We found some awesome stuff at Hobby Lobby. Packaged paper was half off and we found one of those 180 sheet pads of GORGEOUS MME paper! It has some of the NEW Bloom and Grow, some of the 29th Street Market...beeeautiful papers I tell you. You must RUN to your nearest HL and pick it up...NOW! :D Oh, and just by accident, I looked behind some MM stickes and found the new American Crafts puffy Thickers!! The Rainboots font and the Chit Chat font. Although we only found the Chit Chat in brown and in white. And the Rainboots...only black! Oh, they also had the Doodlebug Shin Dig glitter alpha stickers too and some awesome new emossed We R Memory Keepers stickers and some new Bo Bunny alpha stickers. Not sure if they are "new", but surely new to our HL. I picked up the MME pad, said variety of stickers, and a small circle punch because I really want to try to make some lollipop flowers and wanted some different sized circles to layer. Went to M's and got some MM Sabrina frames that were on clearance, some of the new Prima Rosettes, a new K & Co. Citronella line journal book...not sure what else..think that was it. We also went by a different HL right by M's and I got a Versamark ink pad. Me thinks after all this shopping, I should sit down and do some scrapping. Miguel starts his vaca tomorrow....a week of 24/7 Miguel...can I handle it?? LOL We want to take the kids to Sea World, but not sure what else we can do since Lij is in school all day. And it wouldn't be fair to go do stuff without Lij. Maybe with Miguel here all day too, it will give me a little Mikey break because oh, do I need one! Three hours today was just not enough. I am in serious need of some EXTENDED "me" time...just all "Mommy" just Lal. I sometimes forget I am still my own person when most of the time I am just "Mom". I'm sure other mothers can relate to this.
Hmm...what else....don't really have much else to share. I have an allergy headache...a bad one...and am just waiting for my meds to kick in. They really work for getting rid of my sinus pressure, but how they make me drowsy. More later :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Somebody stop me!!

From shopping!! Oh, I'm being baaaaddd!! Okay, maybe not. I deserve it don't I? If Miguel can buy himself a Mustang...I can buy myself all the sb stuff I want :) Especially if I saved part of our tax refund just for that! Okay, on second thought, don't stop me! lol Aside from the other stuff I posted I got, I also bought this cool 3 Birds folder of cardstock stickers off of HSN yesterday. It was SO cute! AND it was FORTY 6x12 sheets for $17 and some change. I can't do that math in my head right I'm sure that is a VERY good deal!! 30 sheets were borders, brackets, tags, misc stickers in different themes and 10 sheets were alphas which I just LOOOOVE alpha stickers! And today I put in an order for those MLS mini alpha stickers at 2 Peas because when I put my other order in, they were all sold out. So I got the ones I didn't have and I got some that Chon wanted too...that is my Mother's Day gift to her :)
Today I was able to scrap another page after I had worked out and started dinner. It is kind of simple...didn't take me long at all to do it, but I really love that pic of the kids and I love the way the page turned out. I think this puts me at 39 now. I used some of my new MAMBI and some of my new MLS and some other older stuff like Sass and MM. Oh and some new Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts (that cute little house die cut).

The working out thing is going good. Still doing the first program on it...thought I should do that one until it's no longer a challenge and then move up. It's still hard...when the incline goes up to 6 but it's not as hard as when I first started. I sure am LOVING my legs right now. And my thighs which I never thought I could tone up or get smaller....YAY me! I'm still doing legs lifts too. Today I up'd it to 40 and I was able to do them straight through instead of doing sets of 10. So, I guess that is "some" progress and I will take it :)

What else?? I can't think of anything else. Oh, if you are a new follower to my blog, I am having a little give away soon. So keep checking back :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm here...

I know I'm not updating as often as I'd like, but I'm still here :) And I've been shoppin'! lol Just kidding! Well, I 'have' been shopping, but I don't think it's been excessive shopping. Ah, the words of an obssessed scrapbooker :D It's called DENIAL! LOL I did head to Michael's over the weekend with two coupons and a list of things I wanted to get and I pretty much stuck to that list. It probably helped that we only had an alloted amount of time because we had to get back to pick up Lij from CCD classes. So I just went in and got what I wanted which was two different MAMBI pads that they had just gotten in a while back and I got a few things from the Designer Corner that were on clearance...some Prima flowers, some puffy stickers from the Friendly Forest line, and some journaling stickers from MM Chloe's Closet. Oh, forgot we went to Joanne's Super Store first and I got two border punches there which were 40% off..the Uppercrest and the Apron Lace and a daisy flower squeeze punch. I also got a super cute set of acrylic stamps and a couple of those Studio G ink pads that I didn't have. That was it.

I've been doing a bit of scrapping with my new goodies: my ATG gun which I already got and just LOVE! It is not as big as some people think and it is very lightweight and super easy to use and to load. I used a You Tube video someone had posted a while back on and I loaded it right along with it and it was very simple! I also got my labeler which I used on two pages that I've done and I love that too! I got my 2 Peas order in today along with some stuff from Stop and Scrap that I had preordered TWO months ago! It was the new Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts. It's really cute! I'm also waiting on some KI stuff I got off of Ebay and I just ordered some 3 Birds stickers off of today's scrapbook show on HSN. On Friday, Chon is going to come over and hang out, maybe scrap and I think we will head out to M's and HL, but I don't really think I'll be getting much. Not much at HL don't already have. They need to get in some new product. But who knows! LOL I'm sure I'll come back with SOMETING! :) Okay, I think I need to pull the reins in on the shopping! LOL :) Okay, here's the pages I've done lately. I think my count is up to 38. TFL :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I did it, I did it! Did you all think I could?? I kept my Lent promise and didn't buy any scrappy stuff for FORTY DAYS! I am so very proud of myself! And even more so because I waited until Tuesday to buy anything! But oh how I've shopped since! LOL Not really! I did make one BIG purchase which I had been debating about since before Lent and that was an ATG gun and extra rolls of tape. I have been on a quest for the perfect that is strong, not so messy like my Zig glue, which I love, but it's just too "sticky", and that lasts me a good while. I had tried the Glue Glider Pro which I loved, but the refill just didn't last me as long as I'd hoped. Just not cost efficient. I've heard so many people rave about their ATG guns so I decided to take the plunge and get one. I'm hoping I love it just as much as everyone else because it was a bit pricey. I also put in a small order at 2 Peas for some of that YUMMMY My Little Shoebox stuff. Sadly, alot of it was sold out, but I did get all the 12x12 sheets of cs stickers and only one set of the colored mini alphas :( I also got a Brother labeler. I had seen on Staci's blog (cflattop) that she had one that she used for journaling strips and I just LOVED that idea! I love using journal strips, but hate having to print them out on the computer then cut them into strips. This was the same one I had seen at Target last weekend for $30 and I got it for $18 free shipping on Ebay :) That's all I have bought. I want to head over to the Joanne's Super Store to get two border punches...the Uppercrest and the Aron Lace. I think Chon said they were 40% off. I also want to go to M's and pick up that MAMBI pad I had seen weeks ago that I just LOVED. At last, it will be MINE! LOL :) I think Chon also told me that they had some other MAMBI paper pads and stuff I might like, so I want to check that out. I needs to remember to print myself out some coupons. I can have Lij use one for me :)

So, Easter was fun! We went over to my Uncle Frank's house. They were having a bbq and they had an egg hunt for the kids and had cascarones for the kids to break. Which was good because even though we dyed ours, I never did get around to filling them up! :( Chon, Steve and the kids went. And my uncle had his wife's family and kids there. The kids and I went with my mom, aunt and uncle because Miguel was still at work and I didn't want to have to wait for him to get home. Which was good because he didn't end up over there until five p.m. We were the last ones there, but it was nice hanging out with my uncle and his wife. I don't see him as much I'd like to. He is the closest thing Chon and I have had to a dad growing up and I love him so much! It's so nice to see him so happy :)

I decided to leave that LO alone...the one I worked on that day Chon was over. I think it would have looked better with another wallet sized pic, but I just couldn't find one that would "go" with the ones already on there. I liked everything else about the page. So, I decided to just leave it alone and move on! Sometimes, you just gotta say "there it is what it is..." and move on! LOL I did manage to work on another page late last night and I really loved it. Kind of strayed away from the bright, bold colors I've been using lately and used some of the Prima Blush papers I got a while back. I may try to scrap another page later. I don't really have anything to do. Got all my "stuff" done earlier and got my "work out" out of the way too. Still doing the preprogrammed work's getting easier. This will be my 5th week using the bike. I definitely see and feel a difference in my body. And I can feel it in the way my clothes is fitting looser. I still haven't gotten a chance to weigh myself, but I kind of don't want to either. It might be discouraging. I kind of just want to go with how I'm feeling as an indicator on how it's going. What else? I think that's all for now. I'm going to upload some of the recent pics so this might be photo heavy :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Can we get ONE good picture??

Today, Chon and the kids came over. Mikey had been really excited about it and looking forward to it since early on in the week. Every morning, he'd wake up asking if today was the day that "Tia Chonies was coming over". As soon as he woke up today, he said "Tia Chonies is almost here" and when I said she was on her way, he got so happy and excited! After we ate breakfast, Chon and I got to scrapping :) I only had one page planned and that was all I did too :( I haven't taken a picture of it yet because I am not quite done or happy with it yet. It needs "tweaking" :) Chon and I both lifted the same one so when she posts hers, you'll see how different they look! After we scrapped for a while, we asked my mom to watch the kids so we could run over to Target because neither of us had gotten the kids their Easter gifts yet. I had gotten the kids something from The Family Christian Store last weekend....a daily devotional book for tweens for Lij and a DVD for Mikey. I like the DVDs they have there because they all have some kind of "moral". Since it "is" Easter and the reason for the holiday is about Jesus, I thought it was fitting for their baskets to have at least something like that in there. I also got Lij a hat we had seen at Target the last time we were there...he's liking hats right now. And some new earbuds for his Ipod because he lost his...he's also very irresponsible with his stuff right now...hope that's a "phase". For Mikey, I got him the "Bolt" DVD and some Playdoh. Mikey cannot get enough Playdoh! lol But we have to keep buying him new ones because he always leaves them laying out and they end up drying out. They never are the same once you start adding water to them to "moisten" them up. It wasn't the Playdoh set he had asked for...I didn't find that one, but I hope he likes it none the less. I also got them some cookie snack bags, chocolates, jelly beans, ect.
We picked up some McD's on the way back so after we had lunch, we got all the egg dying stuff out and set up the kids at the kitchen island to dye the hard boiled eggs Chon had made for Steve and the eggs I was going to use for cascarones. Chon had this really neat "egg spinner" machine and the kids loved using that. Those eggs looked really cool and "speckley". Of course, her kids wanted to use the regular dyes in the cups and my kids wanted to use the "spinner"! Ah, the grass is always They all took turns and made quite the mess! Okay, not a big mess, but enough mess for us OCD people! LOL
Before Chon left, we wanted to get some outside pics of all the kids together...that was fun...NOT! I always forget how frustrating it is trying to get some good pics of the kids. They never all look at the camera at the same time, Mikey is always so uncooperative and running off, the kids end up making that "scary smile" and we end up just giving up! LOL Of ALL the pics we took...I think I got a "few" good ones, but mostly not so good ones! Don't they know we need good pictures to scrap?? Sheesh! lol :)
So that was our day. It was fun, and tiring and noisey, but the kids had a good time playing together and we had fun playing with our paper :)
Tomorrow. we need to get Mikey's hair cut and do our grocery shopping. I think we might go to church...not sure because I think this service is longer than normal and last week Mikey was getting impatient. It's also late in the day...5:30...Mikey is usually not at his best by the end of the day so we will see. Miguel works on Sunday...wtg River City, but whatever. We might go to my uncle's house for a bbq when he does get home. We'll see about that too.
Well, I hope everyone has a great Easter :)
Here's some pics to share :)
Blogger isn't cooperating so I'll upload's late and I'm tired and we have to wake up early...more later :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today and I Am

I saw this on Lindsey's blog and thought I'd add this along with my "I AM" inspired from Estee's blog :) Not that any cares about all the things I have done today...but maybe...just :)

Today (so far) I have:

I woke up at 6:15
I turned off the alarm and went back to
I woke up again at 6:30
I got Lij some breakfast..frozen waffles and juice
I went and woke up Lij
I came and sat down at the computer to keep myself awake
I helped Lij fix his hair
I sat with Lij until it was time to wake up Miguel
I woke up Miguel and walked them out
I went back to bed with Mikey...hee,hee :)
I woke up around 9:30 to Mikey trying to "sneak" off the bed so we came to the couch to watch tv.
I feel
I woke up around 11:00...YIKES
I got Mikey some breakfast
I made our bed
I made Lij's bed
I started a load of laundry
I put some clothes away
I mopped the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms
I vacuumed
I cleaned our bathrooms
I sat at the computer for a while and got a LO together
I talked to Chon on the computer while I got on the exercise bike
I sat down here again and updated my blog :)

That's alot of stuff for only half the day! Kind of makes me see that I really DO do alot around here!

Today I Am:

Reading: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman I've had this book since it on sale at The Family Christian Store, but hadn't read it yet because I was reading another. But my friend Lori and were discussing some things the other night and I decided to start reading it instead. So far it's been VERY informative and I'm eager to find out what Miguel's "love language" is.

Listening to: STILL loving my Tenth Avenue North. I have it in my CD player in whatever room I'm in.

Obsessed With: Getting back into shape right now.

Thinking About: Elijah's Spring Break coming up and how I will deal with both Mikey and Lij 24/7 for TEN days!

Planning To: Scrapbook and hang out with Chon on Friday :)

Dreaming Of: Miguel's upcoming vacation :) A whole week of my baby :)

Enjoying: having Lij home. I go to bed so happy every night knowing that he is sleeping just a few feet away from me and he is well and safe and fed..thank God :)

Vowing To: Stick to my exercise routine and get back in shape.

Working On: Making a "puppet theater" for Mikey. I hope he doesn't 'wreck it'

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Weekly Thing....

It appears to be that I'm only averaging a post a week as of lately. I've had nothing new to least nothing So I wouldn't want to torture you all with the mundane details in my daily life as a SAHM! :)

I've still been working out...doing the bike every day. Although this week and last week, I was doing the preprogramed workouts that vary in resistance. The first couple of days, I only did the 20 minute workout to let my legs/body adjust to it and the rest of the days I have added an additional 10 minutes to get my 30 minutes of cardio. Thankfully, it's gotten easier. Maybe next week, I will step up to the second program. I've also added in some leg lifts...only 30 so far. I think next week, I will add in some crunches and/or situps. It's amazing the difference I have felt and seen in my mid section with just this little bit of "exercise" and drinking TONS of water. I'm very happy so far and I'm positive that I can get back to where I was before. I would really ultimately love to get back to running...can't believe I'm saying that, but I really did like it. Just don't know when or if that will ever happen. My ankle still looks the same, but thankfully not hurting as often as before although when it "does" hurt, it REALLY hurts :(

Oh, I'm also really excited about Easter coming up :) For the obvious reasons and because my "no shopping" promise will be over!! I am just so very proud of myself for sticking to it. And glad I did because I would have been so disappointed in myself had I not. I've also learned alot during this time as far as my shopping "habits" and have realized that some of my shopping is strictly impulse buying and I really need to work on that a bit more. Over all, I'm pretty good at not buying stuff just because it's cute or new or "in". But there are those purchases now and then where I could have used that money on something I WOULD use instead of something that is just sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. So, I've been keeping a list of things that I have seen that I thought I wanted and I was running through it the other day and I found there were alot of things I really didn't want so much anymore and I ended up scratching off at least half of my list. It wasn't a SUPER long 15 things which has now become about 8. I was thinking of maybe continuing this "wiser" shopping and giving myself a scrappy budget and ONLY spending that each month. This way I will know I only have x amount of dollars to spend and ask myself "do I really need this?" I think it will help me make smarter choices.

Speaking of scrapping, I was able to put this one page together over a span of two or three days. Not that it was that "complicated" of a page, but I was just doing a little here and there whenever I had the time. I really love the way it turned out. I used some of my newer MME and some older stuff like BG Urban Prairie as well. I love when I can incorporate stuff I've had for ages with newer stuff. Also love to put as many different manufacturers as I can on one page! LOL Me and my sis do this thing sometimes when the other does a page like this and try to name all the different brands just by looking at the page. Hey, there's a cool idea for a little RAK. I can post a page and see who can guess all the brands correctly! I was meaning to do an Easter RAK with some Spring/Easter stuff I got a while back, but time just crept up on me and now it's only a few days away. Still might do it. I don't think anyone minds getting an Easter RAK a little bit late :)

What else?? Still getting used to the whole waking up at 6:15 to get Lij ready and off to school. I am so NOT the morning person! I am such a grump when I'm tired/sleepy! lol Most days, I end up taking a small nap sometime during the day because I just cannot make it until I wonder how Mikey does it?? :)

I don't think we have any "plans" for Easter Sunday. Miguel has to work...surprise, surprise....I thank God every day that in these times when lots of people are losing their jobs, that Miguel is still blessed to have one, but boy do I NOT like the company he works for. Do NOT get me started on that!

Oh, Chon is coming by on Friday with the kids to maybe do a little scrapping and just hang out. Lij starts his Spring Break next Monday, but he has early release on Thursday and off for Good Friday. And then he's off for a whole other week for Spring Break so I think he'll be off for a total of 10 days including the weekends. That will be nice...or torturous...we shall :) Miguel is playing Jesus in the reenactment of the crucifi...okay, I have to admit I have NO idea how to spell that. He is playing Jesus in a play where they crucify him...on Good Friday for our church. It's this play they put on in the actual streets surrounding the church. Miguel wanted us to go watch, but truthfully, I don't know that I would want to. I can't even watch The Passion of Christ w/out feeling sick to my stomache and crying like a baby. I don't know how I would feel seeing Miguel play that part. Although I know it's just a "play"...I don't know how that would effect me. So I think this year, I will pass...sorry, baby :) I know he'll do awesome though :)

Okay, I think that is it for now. I have some chicken lasagna cooking in the oven for dinner and I think I need to go ice my ankle because it's hurting :( More later :) Oh, and check back to see if I'm doing my giveaway. Which btw, I see that I have 18 followers, but rarely have comments from anyone other than my sis, or Gina or a few ppl who regularly post. Don't be shy :) Come on down! LOL :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thirty two

This page is another lift from muffyvan's gallery on 2 Peas. I really like her stuff...the whole "everything but the kitchen sink" style I really dig :) Most of the product on this is "old" and/or I got from my scraps stash.I really love it! This puts my page count at 32 for the year. Don't know if I'll reach 100 for this's "possible"...we will just see :) Not much else going on....nothing new to news is good news, right? :)