Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Blogger....

For whatever reason, I never have the time, energy or motivation to keep up with my blog anymore! I was so good about it to begin with and for a while there, but now...not so much!
I can't believe we are already almost mid January! Gee whiz, does time just FLY! So far this year is off to a pretty great start. I am feeling so very blessed these days. With all my new friends from church...oh how I love my sisters in Christ! Thank God for sending them to me!! I feel very blessed with where Miguel and I are taking our relationship...working on it, but it's getting better! It's a constant effort though...hard work, but well worth it! ;) I am so blessed for my kids who I just love to pieces!! So many things...good things...going on in my life.

Today after Miguel got home from work, we went to the gym together. We took Mikey too to burn off some energy in the Kids Klub. There were ALOT of people tonight! I mean ALOT!! Had to work out in the Cardio Cinema again, but didn't mind because it was so much "fresher" in there. It literally STANK..is that right? STUNK? I don't know...but it SMELLED really BAD in the gym. Seemed like the heat was on inside and then with all the smelly, sweaty people...ugh....NOT good! So I was very glad to be back there with fewer people and no stench! LOL Plus, they were showing Juno which I really love. I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill and 1 mile on the bike. Ran at 5.0 too with no problems whatsoever. I'm working my way back up there...YAY!!
On Sunday after church (Miguel went w/us again...SO glad he did...LOVE when we go together and not him going to his church and me to mine), we went to eat at Mama Margies and then stopped off at Target because I wanted to pick up some storage stuff to reorganize my scrap area yet AGAIN! It's a constant quest for the perfect "set up". So, after we got home, I started moving stuff and it took me FOREVER! Literally! lol I had stuff all over the tables which I put back in the kind of "C" shape with space in the middle instead of having the two tables pushed together to make one big table. I liked the one "big" table, but it kind of closed the space off. Plus, I've been wanting to find a better way/place to store all my paper because I don't really like having it all "out there" where it can be seen since my scrap area is half of the livingroom. And having the tables pushed together didn't really give me anywhere to store stuff UNDER my tables. This way, I can store tons of stuff underneath and have it still be accessible, but not seen. I'm planning on getting some more ITSO cubes from Target and pushing them underneath one of my 6ft tables and using those to store all my paper. Might be a little harder to get to under there, but I think I can make it work. Also, I'm going to start babysitting for some friends of ours on Wednesdays and Thursdays and the baby is a year old and walking so I kind of wanted to get my stuff all tucked away and IN containers so that she doesn't get anything that might be harmful to her and so that my stuff stays nice and safe :) I remember when Mikey was that little, he just LOVED getting into my stuff! I was always afraid to leave him alone near my scrappy stuff! lol So anyway, I got that all done last night! WHEW! Hopefully, I won't be getting any more reorganizing ideas in the near future!
Oh, and last Friday, the girls and I met up at Chon's house for a little scrappy time. Yocasta wasn't able to make it..boo :( but Liz and Laura did and we all worked on these CUTE little "home" albums using these house shaped cb albums Chon had gotten at M's. Everyone did such a good job on theirs! We didn't get them all done that night, but we got a good start on them! I finished mine up today and I am really LOVING it! I need to take some pics and upload during the day tomorrow. I got a couple more little cb albums at M's last weekend...a circle one and one that looks like a big "tag" I think. I'm wanting one in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day. I hope I can find one. Also picked up some cute K&Co. Vday stuff and that K&Co Cut and Paste pad which was on sale.
Hmmm..what else? Can't think of anything else at the moment. Need to go dry my hair and go to bed since I need to get up early to wait for the baby to get dropped off. Mikey is excited about her coming over and says he wants to help keep and eye on her so she doesn't hurt herself! I'm hoping that he "will" help me out with her! Okay, nighty!