Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Good Day

So, today was a pretty good day. We all woke up early and Miguel got an early start on his leaf raking :) We got dressed and had breakfast and Miguel was done raking before we even left, so I left Mikey and Lij here with him...yay :) I got a couple of hours of kid free shopping...can't beat that!! We went by Target, but I didn't get anything there. Then we went by M's to use some coupons we had. I got that Martha Stewart simple scallop punch that I'd been wanting, but couldn't find anymore. They had it!! And with a coupon, it only came out to $4.80! You CANNOT beat that!! I also got some cool alpha stamps, some too cute puffy owl stickers and me and my sis split a tin of Prima Poinsettias.We came home for lunch and then we left to do our "family thang" :) We went by Big Lots to get a birthday gift and I went to the Dollar Tree right next door and found some of those awesome chipboard alpha stickers and those foam and chipboard accents that resemble the AC stuff...yay!! Then we took the kids to see "Bolt". It was a GREAT movie...loved it! We were laughing the whole time and so were the kids! Then we just did our grocery shopping, picked up some food and came home. Good day all in all. Here are some pics to share :)

Something is up with Blogger and I can't upload pics...will have to wait until tomorrow...night :)

Could it be??

That my mojo is returning?? Oh, please let it be so :) I managed to finish another LO tonight after I read to Mikey and put him to bed and Miguel and Lij were playing a video game. I really love it too! And it didn't seem stressful scrapping all :) Maybe it's just hard for me to try to scrap while Mikey is awake and running around...too many distractions. Anyway, I used a bunch of different stuff on it...some new, some kind of old...some pretty old. LOOOOVE those American Crafts puffy Thickers!!! Do they only come in those four colors?? I'd love for them to come out with more colors...maybe even different fonts although I just LOVE this one. Kind of reminds me of a Doodlebug font. Anyway, no more scrapping at least for the weekend. Tomorrow, Miguel decided he wants to rake I'm taking Mikey with me and going shopping with my Mom and sis. I will try not to go broke!! :)