Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Proposal

It's official...we are "officially" engaged! I was really NOT expecting this AT ALL! Miguel and I had even discussed this a couple of weeks back when he had mentioned something about needing to get me an engagement ring. And while I thought it was oh so sweet that he wanted to, I told him it wasn't necessary. I mean, we've only been living together for over 6 years and I didn't want him going and spending any money we could use for other wedding stuff. But like everything, I guess he didn't listen to me. He proposed to me on Sunday. We had just left his best friend Juan and his wife Laura's house. We had gone over to discuss some of the wedding details w/them and get some stuff priced and written down ect. And btw, they along with Juan's family so graciously offered to take care of the costs of the food as well as prepare it. That was a very nice and unexpected surprise! So many people are offering their help financially and physically and we are both quite touched. It just shows us how much we mean to our friends and family :) So anyway, we had left there and were on our way to Miguel's parents' house to tell them the good news because Miguel had STILL not told them! So we were driving along, and we were passing some park and Miguel says something like "I think there's something wrong with one of the tires." We were in his mom's vehicle by the way. So he slows down, pulls over at this park and gets out. The kids were in the backseat and I stayed in the car up front. So, I see him walking around to the front driver's side and looks at the tire, then he goes to the back and does the same on both sides. I started messing w/the radio and next thing I know he was at my door trying to open it, but it was locked. And so I look up at him and he says "Look, come check this out" I'm thinking there must be something wrong with the front tire, so as I'm opening my door to get out, he drops down on one knee and he's holding a box in his hands. I didn't even see where it came from! And so I'm sitting there half hanging out of the car and I'm kind of in shock. I mean, I know why he's down on one knee..I get it..I know what it means, I know what he's doing, but it's kind of...I don't know...surreal. So, he asks "Will you marry me?" and I say "no, I'm just kidding...I didn't mean that. Yes." lol Time Traveler's Wife...remember that line when he asks her to marry him? I can't help it...I couldn't resist! And so I get out of the car and we are hugging and I'm crying and Miguel has tears in his eyes. And I hear Mikey say something from the back seat and Elijah tells him "Mikey, be quiet..this is a very special moment." lolol
And there it is! lol It's a small ring...very small..but I ADORE it because he picked it out. And because I know that he gave it to me with all his heart! :) It's taking a little getting used to. I am not a big jewelry wearing person. Much less rings. And it fits a tad big, so it kind of bugs me from time to time. But I like the way it's so shiny :D And I like to look down at it and think about what it means and think about the upcoming wedding. And about how I'm going to feel walking down the aisle seeing him standing there at the end of it...waiting for me. And that it means that we will love each other for the rest of our lives. And that we will grow old together and that after all this craziness of planning and budgeting and list making and will all be worth it :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lists, lists...and MORE lists...

I feel like I am up to my ears in lists! LOL Lists of stuff we need to buy, guest lists, supply lists, wedding party lists...I usually like writing lists, but right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with them all! But it's a good thing. I have to keep telling myself that it will all come together. I am just so scared that it's just going to sneak up on us. Four months can fly by SO fast! And in the middle of all this, Miguel has his upcoming retreat, we have summer with the kids home, we have Mikey starting school, not sure where Lij will be going next year, MY retreat the week before the much going on! We start our marriage classes on the 6th of May...don't know if I mentioned that already. I think we meet every Thursday for 7 weeks. Should be interesting.
In case anyone noticed on the invite, I changed my colors...they are now black, pink and white. LOVED the Tiffany blue, but it's so hard finding stuff in that exact shade :( :( Still happy with the new colors :) The girls dresses will be black. I'd love for them to have some kind of pink sash or bow on them. I decided that every girl should pick her own style dress seeing as how I have different sized girls in my bridal party and not everyone will look good in the same dress. This way each girl can feel pretty and comfortable in her own style dress :) I also changed MY choice of dress. It was the one I had originally LOVED, but it was a bit more than the other w/the sash, but I decided it was worth the difference in cost. So, now that the colors have been changed, the cake will not be different. Just the colors. What was going to be the Tiffany blue, will now be pink. My friend Mio...who actually introduced Miguel and I has volunteered to get the cake for us. Her mother works in a bakery and makes all sorts of cakes. My uncle and aunt have volunteered to get the DJ for us. That was a very nice and unexpected surprise! My uncle will also be walking me down the aisle. He is the closest thing we have ever had to a father. So, getting those two things out of the way are a HUGE load off! But there is still a LONG list of stuff that still needs to get done and taken care of! I'm trying to breathe and take it day by day! I am going to try and put the "lists" aside for a couple of days and maybe give myself some scrappy time. I think I need it!! That's all for now :)

You're Invited....

We decided to make our own invitations to save money. I wanted something simple, fast to assemble and inexpensive. I think this is what we are going with. I got the sentiment off some website and then used my Hallmark card software for the clipart and font, ect, ect. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. We'll see what Miguel says :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Save The Date

We met with Father Michael yesterday and filled out the necessary forms. He gave us the new schedule for marriage classes which we will, God willing, start on the 6th of May. And we set a date! September 4, 2010! Yep, it's only four short months away! Can you say "freaking out"? lol Not because I'm getting married to Miguel....hello? We have been living together for the past 6 1/2 years, we have a child together...we are not "new" to each But because there is SO much planning to do and only 4 months to do it in! I don't know why exactly we decided on September. Well, we did want to get married this year and we needed the time to do the classes, and we figured we didn't want to do it in's TOO hot, August is back to school for Lij, Lij's birthday AND the start of school for October because of my birthday, not November because of the holidays, December is too hectic w/ September seemed perfect! Just too soon! We went by the kids godparents' house after to talk to them. Juan, the kids godfather and Miguel's best friend is going to be Miguel's best man so he went over to ask him. His wife, Laura was so excited and already started making plans and writing lists and giving me so many ideas! She is totally a party planner! LOL She is going to be SO helpful to me! Last night, I literally couldn't sleep just thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done, how we are going to fund it all, ect. This is by no means going to be an expensive, elaborate wedding AT ALL, but even cheap costs money! lol Money we don't have! So we are just taking it as we go and starting to save what we can and get people to help us out. But I was browsing last night and I think I found the PERFECT dress for me! And even more the price!! Only $139 plus $14.99 to ship. It's very simple, yet very pretty and I just LOVE it! The sash in the picture is burgundy though and I think the colors I have decided on are turquoise...kind of like the color of this text...and chocolate brown. Love those colors to scrap with too! LOL :) Maybe throw in some white here and there. Here are some pics to share.....

I'm thinking I want this in a square cake and not rounds...and of course on a bigger scale because we are anticipating around 200 people...mostly on Miguel's side I might add...I don't even know that many people! In real life that is! I have tons of online friends! lol I love the way each layer looks different! On our cake though, I want the white icing to be chocolate...I HATE white icing. So, it might not look like a "traditional" wedding cake, but it will taste good and I'll eat it :) and then the turquoise accents on this cake, will be turquoise. I think I would also like a big, elaborate turquoise bow on top in place of the traditional bride and groom figure.


Isn't it beautiful? Simple, but SO pretty! Like I said, the sash will be a different color. I'm not sure about how I want my veil and I think I want a little tiara type thingie. I'm pretty sure I'll wear my hair down...don't like wearing it up. Hopefully it will grow out a bit more by then...shouldn't have cut it and left it long, but oh well!
Okay, so that's about all I have for now. Been working on the guest list and writing down what we need to do, get, ect...I really have NO idea where to start, so looking on alot of online wedding sites. If anyone knows of any neat invite ideas (we will be making our own) or has any nice centerpiece/decorating ideas, please link me up! I need all the help I can get!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WHERE have I been???

I just realized that it's almost been two months since I last updated my blog!! I'm a bad blogger! I don't know what it is...sometimes I just get SO lazy about updating. Don't know why because I still keep up with everyone else's blogs, just not my own! I don't think I'll try to recap everything that's been going on since I last blogged....just list a few things that have been going on recently.

1. As of right now, THREE of us have a stomache bug...blah! I got it first on Sunday night, Mikey started on Monday morning and Lij started last night...just great! Thankfully (THANK YOU GOD) Mikey was spared and seems to have got it the least. I, the worst :( Lij doesn't seem too bad either although I hate to say that he is THE WORST sick person....EVER! DRAMA! Mikey seems to be back to normal, but I still don't feel stomache doesn't feel right...still queasy and can't eat much although it's not coming up anymore. I hope Miguel or my mom don't get it.

2. I got a new camera with our tax refund. It's a Canon Rebel and I LOVE it! Still reading the manual here and there and playing w/it and getting to learn new stuff. Really need to sit down and play with it more.

3. I've been reading. Just finished a book by Don Piper called "90 Minutes in Heaven"'s an autobiography I picked up at the Family Christian Store....such a good book.

4. Started back at the gym last week and did three days...felt good...then I got sick.... back to it next week God willing.

5. Miguel and I are FINALLY getting married!! Sound the trumpets! lol We have an appointment to meet with Father Michael at his church tomorrow. I really could care less about getting married in a Catholic church, but Miguel wants to. I'd much prefer South San Filidelfia (my church). I think after we speak with Father tomorrow and get a general idea of what we need to do, we will set a date and start the preparations. It will be nothing big or fancy...don't have the funds for that, but I WILL wear my white dress and have my church wedding :) We are thinking early September or early November of this year.

6. Still scrapping. In fact, we got together at Laura's a couple of weeks back and I got three pages done...just been too lazy to take pics and post them! Also been organizing my sb area...AGAIN! I know, I's never ending! I'm waiting on some of that new Basic Grey Basics stuff I just ordered from Stop and Scrap. It's loook AWESOME! Totally my style! Was also wanting to order some of the October Afternoon...Fly A Kite and Thrift Shop. As always...still shopping more than scrapping :( lol

Well, I think that's a good summary of what's been going on. Going to try REALLY hard to keep my blog up! Until next time! :)