Monday, March 30, 2009

I LOVE this page!!

I saw this pic of my friend on Facebook and just LOVED it and knew I wanted to scrap it since I have NO recent pics of her. I was looking for something really GREAT to lift or get inspiration from because this was a very special page for me and I found this AWESOME LO on the Prima Marketing blog using the Mommy & Me papers. Of course, I don't have those because of the "no shopping for Lent" thing so I just improvised, but I LOOOOOVE the way it turned out! I usually don't use the exact papers and embellies when I lift a LO anyway. I'm going to send my friend a link to my blog so she can see the page for herself since she can't see it in person. She lives in Pennsylvania and we "met" on an online parenting site over 9 years ago. We used to chat on the computer...oops, all the time (this was before my computer days), send each other snail mail and packages and talk on the phone for hours on a pretty regular basis. Over the years, we have both had kids and gotten busy with our lives, but our friendship has still survived :) I really hope to someday meet in person, but even if we never do, I still love her very much and value her friendship :)

Over the weekend we went to that reunion of Miguel's at Chacho's. It was fun...his friends are really funny! Afterwards, we did our grocery shopping which was kind of nice because it was late and the store was pretty much empty. And we didn't have the kids so that was a plus. We got it done pretty fast. On Saturday, we took the kids to the movies to see "Monsters VS Aliens" but we didn't get to see it in 3D because that showing wasn't until 4:30. It was still a very good movie and the kids loved it. After the movie we ate lunch at Bill Miller's and then went to church. On the way home, we stopped and rented a movie...some Transporter movie I think it was....with Jason Statham I think his name is...don't know if I spelled it right. That is one HOT man!! I mean HOTTTT!!! lol It was a good movie. Also bought a Kung Fu Panda game for the kids to play on the XBox. On Sunday, we took the kids to walk at Woodlawn Lake....we only walked around the lake once because it was kind of windy and Mikey started coughing. I also got to do all my cleaning yesterday so that left me free today to do my scrapping :) Well, I actually did do "some" cleaning today and got on my bike too even though my ankle is really hurting. I did one of the preprogrammed workouts and it was HARD! It was only a 20 minute workout, but the resistance would change on its own from time to time and it went up to 6 at one point and my legs hurt and I wanted to, but I didn't!
Hmmm...that's pretty much it for today. I can't even think I've been up since 6:15 and I'm sleepy and Mikey has been up just as long and he is at that point where he's REALLY tired even though I told him a MILLION times earlier to lay down and take a nap,but he didn't. So now, he is tired and wanting to take one, but can't because it's too late for a nap and he's cranky and making everyone just as miserable as he is! I don't like it when he's cranky!! But it's seven o'clock and I can give Mikey a bath in a while and hopefully that will keep him up until at least 9:00 and then I can put him down for the night...woohooo!! And then we will do it all over again tomorrow :)