Thursday, September 25, 2008


Since there were only 5 comments on my owl post, if you posted a comment and would like some owls, please email me your address :)

It's STILL here....

My scrappy mojo that is! Oops, I don't want to jinx it! LOL I scrapped TWO LOs today. The first was pretty simple and quick and it was another lift off of Michelle's blog. I really love her style and her choice of color combos. The second one was a lift from Sasha Farina's blog. I saw it and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the colors in it!! For some reason, I am really loving the bright, bold colors right now. You have to check her blog out! I just found it recently, but I am visiting it every day for her style! I have links to both hers and Michelle's blog in my PLACES TO VISIT section. So this puts my LO count at #97. Wow, that sounds like alot of LOs! Hard to believe I've done so many already!

Oh, just something I wanted to document. Mikey has this thing where he says "Yes, sir" and does this like "salute" thing. I'm sure it's something I taught him. In fact, I just remembered that I taught him to do it to Miguel and to say "Yes, sir, Daddy" and to salute him. But I don't think he gets the distinction between "sir" and "maam" because he does it to me ALL the time. He did it to me today when I was getting him off the potty and I told him " Just so you know, Mikey...I'm not a 'sir'" And he says, "yes, you are sir, MISTER!" So now, not only am I a "sir", I'm also a "Mister" LOL I feel so not "girly" LOL Here's my LO's..tfl :)

BTW, there's a glare on one of the pics in the second LO that's not there IRL :)