Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Such A Dope, WHAT the heck, and other ramblings...

Ugh, I feel like such a dope! Yesterday after Miguel had gotten home from work, we took Mikey to go eat at Chick Fil A because he loves playing in that little playset. Which BTW, it was a MAD HOUSE in there! TONS of bigger kids, rough housing BIG TIME. And a few little necio kids (don't know how to translate that for my non Spanish speaking friends...irritating maybe?) who kept doing things they shouldn't be doing like blocking the bottom of the slide w/their body. One little kid whose mother was actually sitting right there by the window in full view of him, kept climbing the door handles and hanging there while people went in and out. One man...thank you, sir for being that person who isn't afraid to speak up, actually told him to get down! lol I was telling Miguel because there were alot of Mexicans there (or Hispanics I should us) and he had asked "what side of town are we in?" (1604 and Culebra) and I said it was because this place is nicer and cleaner because of the location that we all come over here! lol But sadly, it's Hispanics like that woman who doesn't watch her kids, who lets them play rough without telling them to watch for other kids that give us all a bad name. Sad, but true because we all know that there ARE those people who will look at those little brown kids and wonder why their mothers don't watch them and then think "oh, those Mexicans." LOL It's true though! You know it is! lol Anyway, I'm getting WAY of subject....We went to the Michael's in the little shopping center there just to look and I picked up a FEW things out of the dollar bins and some awesome stamps my sis had bought a while back that were on clearnance for $2.50! (will post a pic later) and a few crafty things for Mikey. It was only $10. Anyway, the girl rings me up and I start to look in my wallet for my credit card....sinking feeling....I look where I normally have it...I look in all the other pockets and compartments...I can feel my face getting hot and probably a bit I apologize to the girl and tell her I'm looking for my credit card, but it's NOT there! Thankfully, Miguel was standing right by the check out reading some book so I ask him if he has it and he says no. So then I ask him if I can use because I can't find mine. I felt like such a DOPE! Why? Because this is not the first time it's happened to me! The last time, my sis and I were at a craft store and I was LOADED up with scrapbook stuff: papers, stamps, ect and when I went to pay...I didn't have it. And I have NO idea where it was! I had to leave my stuff there and ask the woman to hold it for me so I could come back later, but by the time Miguel got off work, went home to look for it (btw, it was in the pocket of a jacket I had last worn) and went to get us at my sis's house, the store had closed. And I don't really go there unless I'm with my sis. I really need to be more careful with my card. I try to make a concious effort to put it back in the SAME spot after each use, but then I get lazy and just stick it in the first place I come across. It's not like I have TONS of money in there because I don't, but still...I need to be more careful.

After that we had to do our grocery shopping so Miguel had to write a check since I left my card (oh and after we left M's, I immediately remembered where I had left it!). We spent over $120 and we did NOT have enough bags in my opinion. Gosh, the price of EVERYTHING keeps getting higher and higher! The thing that shocked me the most, was the price of the toilet paper we We hadn't bought any in a LONG time because my mom was pretty stocked up, but we finally ran out, but I remember paying about $5 and change for a 12 pack of Scott and now.....$8.57! OMG...almost NINE dollars for toilet paper! I considered going with a cheaper store brand, but sorry...I'm very picky about my toilet paper! lol We also get these bags of Tyson chicken tenderloins from the frozen food section. I think they were about $6 and change on sale, but then I saw the regular price was over $9!! We are going to have to start eating cheaper I think! lol

Oh, forgot to touch on NSD...Chon had come over to scrap the day away and check out all the online challenges and contests online that day. I hadn't had the chance to plan any pages ahead of time so I didn't really get much done except for two 8.5x11 pages. One of which I did for one of the challenges over on It was a random drawing for the winner, but I didn't win :( $135 worth of free scrapbook stuff would have been really nice :) lol But I guess I can't be greedy because I won last year. Maybe next year. I'll post the pic of the page I did for the contest. Oh and of some flash cards I printed out in word and altered a bit.

No church today. Miguel had to go help his parents at their little shop so Mikey and I are home for the day. I miss South San Filidelfia. We went to his church two Sundays in a row (we take turns each week) and today it was my turn. Can't wait until next Sunday. When he gets home, we are going to move some furniture around. With the bad rain we had on Thursday, a corner of our bedroom got a leak and I really don't want to have our bed right by it. So we are switching our bedroom with the kids "play room" (which was my mom's room). I was going to start the other day, but didn't want to hurt my gergin! lol I might try to move what I can before he gets here just to speed it along...just the smaller stuff. Anyway, that's about all that's going on around here. Just wanted to do a small update of my oh so interesting life! lol Smell ya latah ;)