Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chairs...they're not just for sitting anymore

That's the way I've been getting around this past week. I've strategically placed chairs and barstools around the kitchen and livingroom to help me maneuver around. I'm still using my crutches, but this helps in the kitchen when I'm getting Mikey a drink or snack since I can't hold stuff AND my crutches. Or if I'm trying to scrap in the livingroom. I have a stool right in front of my bookcase that holds all my supplies so that my hands are free to rummage around. It's worked pretty good. My foot/ankle is looking WAY better, but sadly, I STILL can't put any weight on it. I tried again today and I couldn't stand on it for more than like five seconds. And that was only with my leg "stiff" and straight. Miguel told me to bend my knee a bit like if I was really standing, but I couldn't then...hurt too much :( I'm really hoping and praying that I won't be on crutches still by Christmas. It's still two weeks away? So, that would make it a month from the day it happened. MAYBE it will be good by then. A new Cricut Expression would be a really, SUPER nice gift, but if I could have anything I would be to have full use of my right foot/ankle back...soon. Thank God I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Thank God for online shopping!! The only gift I have left to get is Lij's keyboard and I might even be able to get that online too!
Oh, I finished Twilight and am SOO anxious to get started on the second book...need to make a trip to Target. I scrapped two pages...12x12s this yesterday and one today, but I can't post pics because they are gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise ;) That's pretty much it for now!