Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It CAN get better!!

I hit the gym ealier today. I got all my "chores" done and out of the way early and had planned to scrap until around 2p.m. then leave for the gym, but Mikey just wasn't cooperating and letting me do anything, so I ended up leaving for the gym earlier. I had also taken an allergy pill because I wasn't feeling very good, so I was kind of drowsy...not good to be drowsy and running on a treadmill...lol But by the time I got there, I was good :) I get so nervous lately when I go...well, not nervous..well, yeah...maybe that is the word I'm looking for...lol...Because I want to do good on my running and I'm afraid I'm not going to do as well as I did the last time or be able to hang in there for very long, ect, ect...So today, I was really hoping to make it to 30 mins....just 1.5 mins more than yesterday. And let me tell you, this running thing is just SO hard! It never fails that around the 10 minute mark...my legs are hurting and my mind starts telling myself that I'm not going to do as well today and that I'm going to have to stop soon, ect, ect...Oh, a million negative thoughts start coming into my head along with the pain, but I just have to push them out and stay focused and think about other things. I really can't imagine having to work out/run without my Ipod. What got me through today? Other than God of course because I know in my heart that He is giving me the strength and endurance to do this. I know that He knows how much my heart wants this. So anyway, there's this song by Flyleaf called "All Around Me" and that song just motivates me so much! Along with my fave..33 Miles like "Jesus Calling" and "There IS a God". Throw in some Kelly Clarkson, Lifehouse and Beyonce and I am good to go! lol Anyway, so yeah...I really have to just keep pushing myself mentally....hit 10 mins and tell myself...just go 2 more mins...hit that mark...go x more mins..ect, ect...it really does have alot to do with your mentality! You just have to psyche yourself out...keep pushing on...so in the midst of this pain, I was still able to run TWO AND A HALF miles NON STOP!! Yes, I know! I can't believe it either!! That was 35 minutes of consecutive running and my ankle was not hurting in the least...thank you God!! I was SO happy! I wanted to get off and run around the gym hugging random people! LOL JK..I wouldn't really do that! I'm amazed that it's taken me so little time to get to where I am now....been running since June, because when I had my treadmill at our old house before, it took me about a year to be able to run 16 minutes and that was only a little over a mile. And I couldn't do it every day either. It was pretty random. But this time around, I've been able to run the same amount of time as my previous run AND add more time on a consistent basis. I am just SO super excited about it because running is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Well being able to run non stop and consistently and I am reaching that goal! And it just totally blows me away that I ran 2.5 miles today because the goal I had set for myself...that I was really hoping to achieve was to be able to run one mile non stop. And I did that AND more!! Happy dance!! LOL Anyway, just had to make note of this and share with whoever reads my blog! lol I tried to get some scrapping done today after the gym, but it wasn't happening. Mikey was too wound up or something. I did manage to make a card so at least I got to be a little creative. Maybe tomorrow. I don't think I'm going to the gym tomorrow. My mom goes back to work...don't know if I'll go later in the afternoon. So maybe I can get some scrapping done tomorrow. For sure, I'm back at the gym on Thursday and Friday, God willing. Oh, and Saturday is our GNO!! YAY!! Can't wait for that. Don't know what Miguel and I are doing during the day, but we are spending it together and doing something as far as I know. Sunday is our actual birthday, but I don't have anything planned for that day. Okay, going to watch some tv before heading off to bed. Nighty :)