Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost a week...

since I last blogged. Not much going on to talk about I guess. Let's see..over the weekend, I went and picked up my glasses. Oh, I need to get a good pic of myself with them on. They are just some simple, black, oval-ish metal frames. I like them well enough. There weren't too many I liked. I hate the way I look in glasses to begin with so...Miguel thinks I look "sexy" with them on, so bless his heart for that! :D
Went to my Uncle Frank's wedding on Saturday night. It was nice. Got to see our cousin Ruby who we haven't seen for a while. My uncle looked happy. His now wife is a very nice person from what I know of her. I hope they will be happy together :)
On Sunday, we took Lij back to his dad's and did our grocery shopping. Nothing exciting there...Monday, I spent the whole day cleaning, REorganizing and purging. I think I've got a cleaning bug! But I got ALOT done, got rid of some stuff and I'm very happy with the way I moved things around. Oh, and yesterday the UPS guy brought my exercise bike, so I'm just waiting for Miguel to assemble it for me so I can get back on the ball! I made some space for it in a corner of our bedroom so now it doesn't have to be out in the livingroom. I hope that works for me being able to work out in there while Mikey is out in the livingroom. I also freed up some space under a window in my scrap area where I can fit another one of the smaller four foot tables, so I'm going to hopefully try to get that this coming weekend. I always feel like I don't have enough table space!
Other than that, not much else has been going on. Haven't done any scrapping this week nor have I even gotten to use my Cricut Expression...not ONE time! What has it been now...two weeks since I got it? I think so! Chon is coming over with the kids on Friday since they are on Spring Break right now. Lij is not...don't know when his is for sure, but I talked to his dad yesterday and asked him if he would bring him over Thursday night so he could be here to spend the day with us on Friday. Lij had missed school on Monday because he didn't feel well so I didn't know how his dad would feel about him missing two school days in the same week, but he said that was fine. So, I'm saving my scrappy "mojo" for then.
Ooo, also got my free DCWV 8x8 stack in the mail today. Chon did that video demo thing for me and she picked the Whimsy Stack for me and The Garden one for herself. We're going to split the pads and swap :) Okay, that's all for now. Mikey is waiting for me to watch Shrek The Third with him and Miguel called a bit ago and said he was out of work and on the way home with food and possibly a movie for us to watch later...YAY! It's only 7:30 and he's coming home :)