Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm BACK!!

What ever did I do BEFORE I had a computer??? I have NO idea! LOL Our internet was down since early last week because of some kind of mix up with our internet service at our old house and here. I spent SO many hours talking with different people at AT&T before they finally figured out what was wrong and were able to fix it! So it's been up and running again since last night...thank God! I felt so disconnected from the I got to do lots of other things while the internet was nap...LOL...and spend time with Mikey of course. Hmm...I don't even know what I haven't posted about. Not much has gone on...yes, my life is not that exciting! I had a somewhat "nice" birthday. Things didn't go according to "plan", but it was a nice day...much needed one on one time with Miguel. I went by that new J's on my birthday and picked myself up a few goodies for only $20! All of their paper craft stuff I think was 40% off so I got some pretty good deals. Colorbok I think had some really cool new stuff that I've never seen before...some XY&Z stuff or something like that. I also went by M's at The Quarry because I had a gift card, but couldn't find anything I wanted...nothing at all :( That might be a good thing though. Miguel also took me to Victoria's Secret to buy me a bra. For those of you who know me, I HATE bra shopping because it is SO hard to find one that does what I want it to do! I had the woman there do a "fitting" and I was pretty much right on target as far as the size I had been buying before. I did find though that going up a cup size made a BIG difference. And after trying on about TEN bras, I found one I was pretty happy with! It was funny because Miguel said something about getting myself a few bras and some undies if I wanted and I'm like " you know how much this bra costs?" He guessed $12...LOL...WAY off!! I usually buy my bras at T's or WM and pay about that for them there which probably has alot to do with the fact that I can't find a good one. So I guess if you want a good bra, you're going to have to pay more than $12! LOL I told him that's why I don't shop there (because he's always trying to get me to buy stuff from Victoria's Secret). I do have to say that the bra I bought is so comfy and holds the girls pretty well!! :) We also had ice cream from some little shop there at The Quarry and just walked around which was nice because like I said, we never really get to do that. We didn't end up having enough time to come home and shower and stuff which was a bummer because I had planned on getting "dressed" for dinner and had bought myself an outfit and everything. I was wearing a tshirt and ratty old shorts so we ended up just eating at Jason's Deli. I had a YUMMY Chicken Ceasar salad, but something must not have been good because almost as soon as we left, I got a HORRIBLE stomache ache. Thankfully, we were right by my sis's house and she was home...thank God...and I got to utilize her facilities and take some Pepto. We were going to catch a movie, but by then, I didn't feel much like it anymore and all the showings for "Nights In Rodanthe" were over so we just made a pit stop at WM for some photo paper and headed home. Without going into too much detail, things "went down" on Sunday and we are taking a little seperation for a while....I think he needs to get some things prioritized in his life, so that's "kind of" bumming me right now, but I'll live. No more talk about that!
Yesterday, Mikey and I took a little trip to Crossroads and I used the gift card my friend Melissa sent (thank you!!) and then got myself a few scrappy things. I also picked up a few beads and stuff to make some charm bracelets I had been wanting to make for me and my sis. Maybe I'll do that later. I feel like creating, but not very "scrappy". I think that's pretty much all that's going on. Here's some pics to share. The alpha stickers and glue, ect are what I bought with my HL gift card. The other stuff is what I got at Joanne's. Oh, and I also did a quick LO some days ago...still in the smaller size. TFL :)