Friday, October 16, 2009

22 baby!

I just wanted to make note, for my own benefit, that yesterday I ran 22 minutes non stop! WOOHOO!! It was HARD! I was praying for the strength to just keep going because I really wanted to stop like halfway into it! But I did it! And I'm so happy! It was about 1.60 miles...did a total of about 3 miles but I walked the rest! I treated myself to some Hobby Lobby afterwards and this time I remembered my wallet! I got myself this We R Memory Keepers pack of paper that was on clearance, a Daisy D's title rub on for .50 and this new MME pack of paper they had there called "Summer Song" using a 40% off coupon. There was another one I wanted to get, but I'll wait until paper goes half off. Also got Mikey some little Halloween crafts stuff and some orange lights for outside. All the Halloween stuff was 40% off. My ankle was really hurting last night though, but Miguel massaged it and it feels better today. No gym today. I woke up with a sore throat, sinus pressure and sneezing :( Took some allergy pills so hopefully it won't get any worse. Wanted to do some scrapping, but SO drowsy from the meds. Hate to go nap since I only got up a few hours ago, but I think I should. I'll try to scrap later ;)