Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look what he did.....

Miguel has been doing stuff around the yard since he's been on vaca this week: cutting the grass, trimming hedges, planting grass and he was working on this little project here. I think he did a great job! Those three small plants in the front are Lantanas and they smell so good! The one with the yellow flowers next to the windmill is Esperanza (Hope). He's been wanting to get one of those for a while. We also had plans of making a walkway in the back of the house because right now, there is just a tiny, narrow "path" and when it rains, it is so hard to maneuver off of the carport, down that "path" and to the back porch. But Miguel was so worn out from all this and we hadn't really been doing much since he was busy with these things, so for now, he's giving it a rest. Maybe in a couple of weeks, we can start up that project. I would have helped him more if I hadn't felt so sick.
Which speaking of, I am still sneezing and now I have this throat "thing" where I have to keep clearing my throat and then I get really, REALLY hoarse where you can hardly hear me talking (bet Miguel LOVES that!). BUT....I do feel better...I probably sound worse than how I feel. Yesterday, I felt pretty bad and Lij asks me "Mom, do you really feel bad?" And I say "yes". And he's like "maybe you should go to the doctor...what if you have that 'thing'?" (referring to the swine flu). Aw, crazy Lij. I told him I felt bad, but not THAT bad. I'm sure I'd know it if I had the flu...swine or any other kind! LOL Which btw, I was reading on my homepage headline news that the cases in Mexico are "leveling off". All this stuff that has been going on...geez, what a crazy world we live in! Just makes me think...
OH, today Lij had invited us to a little "talent show" they were having at his school. Not a big production....just something the 5th grade class had been wanting to do so they let them put on a little 45 minute show. Elijah of course, danced to TWO Michael Jackson songs. It is so hard to believe that is MY son up there. My SO shy, won't even look people in the eye son is up there spinning and "ow-ing" to Michael Jackson and the kids are just LOVING him. It was so funny! They are screaming out his name and clapping and just loving it. I was really proud! And so was he :) It was a good little show. There were a couple of little girls from his class who did several little "acts"...dancing and singing. One of the girls, Melanie I think was a good little singer! And that little girl could dance! I was like "wow"! They all did a great job and it was fun to watch!
Afterwards, we just took Lij out for the day since he only had an hour left and Miguel treated us all to lunch at this place called "Freddy's Custard...something or other" lol. It was good. Then we came home and did what old people NAPPED! Well, Miguel and I did. The kids were playing video games.
Right now, the kids are still playing and Miguel went to his ACTS meeting so I'm going to start baths in a bit and "maybe" scrap a page. I really have the itch...especially with all the new goodies I've gotten lately, but sadly...the ideas aren't coming and I'm just not "feeling it". Sometimes, that's just how it is....sigh....oh well!
Tomorrow, we are keeping Lij home from school..since he's been at school all week that Miguel has been home and Miguel officially declared it "Family Fun Day" LOLOL He wants to go downtown and take the kids to several places. Basically, we are going to be tourists in our own be fun...hope it's not humid like it was today...feels SOOO horrible. And hopefully, I'll feel a little bit better tomorrow too. And hopefully, everyone will cooperate and give me some good pictures!! :) Later :)