Friday, April 10, 2009

Can we get ONE good picture??

Today, Chon and the kids came over. Mikey had been really excited about it and looking forward to it since early on in the week. Every morning, he'd wake up asking if today was the day that "Tia Chonies was coming over". As soon as he woke up today, he said "Tia Chonies is almost here" and when I said she was on her way, he got so happy and excited! After we ate breakfast, Chon and I got to scrapping :) I only had one page planned and that was all I did too :( I haven't taken a picture of it yet because I am not quite done or happy with it yet. It needs "tweaking" :) Chon and I both lifted the same one so when she posts hers, you'll see how different they look! After we scrapped for a while, we asked my mom to watch the kids so we could run over to Target because neither of us had gotten the kids their Easter gifts yet. I had gotten the kids something from The Family Christian Store last weekend....a daily devotional book for tweens for Lij and a DVD for Mikey. I like the DVDs they have there because they all have some kind of "moral". Since it "is" Easter and the reason for the holiday is about Jesus, I thought it was fitting for their baskets to have at least something like that in there. I also got Lij a hat we had seen at Target the last time we were there...he's liking hats right now. And some new earbuds for his Ipod because he lost his...he's also very irresponsible with his stuff right now...hope that's a "phase". For Mikey, I got him the "Bolt" DVD and some Playdoh. Mikey cannot get enough Playdoh! lol But we have to keep buying him new ones because he always leaves them laying out and they end up drying out. They never are the same once you start adding water to them to "moisten" them up. It wasn't the Playdoh set he had asked for...I didn't find that one, but I hope he likes it none the less. I also got them some cookie snack bags, chocolates, jelly beans, ect.
We picked up some McD's on the way back so after we had lunch, we got all the egg dying stuff out and set up the kids at the kitchen island to dye the hard boiled eggs Chon had made for Steve and the eggs I was going to use for cascarones. Chon had this really neat "egg spinner" machine and the kids loved using that. Those eggs looked really cool and "speckley". Of course, her kids wanted to use the regular dyes in the cups and my kids wanted to use the "spinner"! Ah, the grass is always They all took turns and made quite the mess! Okay, not a big mess, but enough mess for us OCD people! LOL
Before Chon left, we wanted to get some outside pics of all the kids together...that was fun...NOT! I always forget how frustrating it is trying to get some good pics of the kids. They never all look at the camera at the same time, Mikey is always so uncooperative and running off, the kids end up making that "scary smile" and we end up just giving up! LOL Of ALL the pics we took...I think I got a "few" good ones, but mostly not so good ones! Don't they know we need good pictures to scrap?? Sheesh! lol :)
So that was our day. It was fun, and tiring and noisey, but the kids had a good time playing together and we had fun playing with our paper :)
Tomorrow. we need to get Mikey's hair cut and do our grocery shopping. I think we might go to church...not sure because I think this service is longer than normal and last week Mikey was getting impatient. It's also late in the day...5:30...Mikey is usually not at his best by the end of the day so we will see. Miguel works on Sunday...wtg River City, but whatever. We might go to my uncle's house for a bbq when he does get home. We'll see about that too.
Well, I hope everyone has a great Easter :)
Here's some pics to share :)
Blogger isn't cooperating so I'll upload's late and I'm tired and we have to wake up early...more later :)