Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the shopping continues.....

I couldn't help myself! I am admittedly a patterned paper junkie! It's just SOOOO pretty!! And at half off...how can I not indulge myself? I know, I know....I've purged my paper stash at least 3 times in the last year. And all three times has been anywhere between 1'-3' of paper. Which is good and bad I guess. Good because I'm getting rid of it and passing it along to someone who will use it...hopefully! And bad because well, it's money wasted. But in my defense, I am totally becoming pickier about what I buy and do NOT buy papers solely on the basis of it being "cute" or because it's a "really good deal". I know what I like, what I will use and that's what I buy. In saying that..lol...I hung out with my sister on Saturday and we stopped in at the Crossroads Hobby Lobby and we were lucky enough to find the October Afternoon 5 & Dime! We could NOT believe it! They only had it in the 8x8 pad. And they only had TWO pads left so both my sis and I were able to snag one...YAY! If you can believe it, that was all I bought there. Over by her house, we hit up the Hobby Lobby on Bandera and I was lucky enough to find the Crate Emma's Shoppe collection pack!! WOOHOO!! It was hiding under a bunch of other paper pads waiting just for me :) I also picked up the Echo Park Be Mine collection pack. I really love the colors...not necessarily Valentine "theme". I think I can incorporate it into any kind of "love" layout or maybe other stuff too. I had debated getting the Fancy Pants "It's The Little Things" paper pad. I really wanted it, but seeing as how I've spent a little more than I'd like to spend on scrapbook stuff in a week, I put it back. Hopefully the next time paper goes half off, it will still be there. Or who knows...maybe there will be even MORE new stuff?? :) :)

What else? Oh, Lij had auditioned for this Glee Club group at NYA which is where we take him for his guitar and vocals lessons and he made it! YAY!! We got an email last week and his practices started yesterday. Because they will be performing now, they were advised to begin attending the Advanced Vocals at NYA and Glee Club practices follow that. So on Mondays, he is at NYA from 6:30-8:45. I'm really hoping this doesn't interfere too much with his school work or his bedtime schedule. We will see how it goes. I know this is something that is very important to him (his music), so we want to be supportive so I hope everything goes well. He was really excited about it when he came home last night and Miguel said the parents who happened to be there last night were invited to watch them do a bit of the song they practiced, Proud Mary, and he said it was really neat! Wish I had gone!

So, school starts next Monday. Good thing: the kids are back to school, I have more free time, ect. Bad thing: waking up so darn early! I HATE waking up early! lol But it's a good thing because I'm going to get back into my gym routine. I have been feeling super blah...my clothes are fitting tighter...not good. So back to the gym for me!

Um, can't think of anything else to write for now, so here's a pic of my new papers. Oh, I've been doing alot of scrapping too...lifting of this woman who's blog I visit. Her link is in my sidebar "mugsyboo". I just love her pages! And speaking of inspiration, I love to watch scrappy vids on You Tube and one particular woman whose vids I like to watch is kraftinkate. She does alot of haul vids, but she also shows alot of her pages and she makes the cutest cards! She recently started up a blog, so go on over and check her out http://www.kraftwithkate.blogspot.com/ I think my new pages are uploaded to my scrapbook.com gallery...not too sure. I'm a bit lazy about uploading them here, then there, then facebook...so sometimes I just don't want to do it! lol Okay, that's all for now...bye!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Women be shopping....

lol...I remember the comedian on the first Nutty Professor movie where Eddie Murphy and Jada Pinkett go to that comedy club and Dave Chapelle is doing his act and he's talking about how "women be shopping..." lol Anywho! lol I had seen at one of our Hobby Lobbys last week that they were putting out new paper pads. TONS of new stuff...lots of new Paper Studio pads, new MME 180 sheet pads, Crate collections, Basic Grey 6x6 pads, 7 Gypsies 8x8 pads, Glitz 8x8 pads, Jenni Bowlin pads, lots of Graphic 45 pads. I was in awe of all the new stuff. And I lucked out today because they had already put up the signs for next week's ad so I was able to get the pads at half off today when the sale doesn't really start until tomorrow...bonus! I picked up one of those 180 sheet paper pads of MME Lost and Found! O-M-G! They papers are BEAUTIFUL! And I especially love it because it's the flat paper as opposed to the glittery ones they have in the open stock. I'm not too crazy about glitter on my paper. I also got the Glitz Afternoon Muse 8x8 paper pad which is also LOVERLY (BTW, I say loveRly with an R on purpose..lol), and a 7 Gysies 8x8 paper pad from the Lille collection. I cannot wait to do some scrapping with my new papers! And I know the LAST thing I should be buying is paper especially after all the times I've purged FEET and FEET of paper. I can't help it...it's my weakness!! I think I want to get the Crate Portrait collection which they also had, but I think that is all. Even though everything new they have put out is just YUMMY...I think I've learned what I will use and what I won't and I'm just wiser about my paper choices. I think stamps were on sale too...including acrylic and I did notice alot of new cute stamp sets, but nothing that I wanted or "needed"...lol..to buy.
I've also been doing alot of scrapping lately. I actually did a page today and I can't remember which day this past week my sis came over, but I managed to make 3 pages that day. I'm too lazy to upload them here, but if anyone wants to check them out, they are posted up in my scrapbook.com gallery. Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. Oh, last night after I had gotten out of the shower, I heard Max barking up a storm so I went outside to check on him because I saw him pawing at something on the ground. It was a baby possum! And I think he injured it because when I was coming up on him to see what he was doing, he grabbed it with his mouth and ran. I'm pretty sure he punctured some part of it. It was kind of sad seeing the poor thing struggling to breathe. So, now we are thinking of having Max leashed up overnight to keep him from going into the darker parts of the yard where who knows what can be lurking there!
Well, it's late and we have church in the morning...so good night :)