Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some tree pics

While trying to take some more pics of Mikey in front of the tree tonight, I remembered about changing the ISO on my camera to get more of the look of the tree lights. I tried it and got these which I really like. They are a bit grainy though and I think that is normal for when you raise your ISO...I could be wrong as I'm sure some people take really awesome pics with the same effect I want, but maybe with better cameras! LOL I took photography back in HS for two years and we did all that stuff manually...no digi cameras back then, but I can't remember a darned thing! :( Anyway, I think I'll try to take some more tomorrow. And some of Lij too! TFL :)

Shake what your Momma gave ya! :)

Here's a funny video clip I took of Mikey "dancing" tonight. He sure cracks me up!!