Monday, February 16, 2009

A Perfect Day

I did this page with a couple of pics I took of me and Miguel on Valentine's Day. It was such a great day. That morning, a guy came and picked up my treadmill...made $200 :) yay...spending money! My mom took Mikey with her and my aunt to go visit my grandmother at the nursing home, so me and Miguel had the whole day alone together (Lij decided to stay at his dad's). We started off with breakfast at Panchito's then we did some shopping. We had planned to go to a movie then dinner, but figured we really wouldn't be able to talk and just enjoy ourselves if we were sitting in a movie theater so we didn't go after all. We went to a couple of Tuesday Mornings, Scrapbook 911, and Target. I bought Miguel and Ipod for Valentine's Day because he'd been saying he wanted something to listen to when he goes to the gym. BTW, he got me some chocolate covered strawberries and a very nice card. Well, what he wrote in it was very nice so I didn't even care that there was no actual "gift". We also had dinner at Carino's. I'd never eaten there before...Miguel was always wanting to take me. I had some YUUUUMMY Italian Pot Roast....SOOO good!! Then we went and did our grocery shopping and then came home to finish the night off with Mikey. It was such a great day. We got to talk alot which we don't normally get the chance to do...alone that is. We laughed and talked and it was just really nice. I think we really needed that. So all in all, it was a very good day :)