Friday, August 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Scrapping....

I got two pages done yesterday. One was a lift of a page Chon did just a while back...not sure if hers was a lift off someone else. The other was a lift of an neighbor, Sassy2000. I like the way both of them turned out!This puts my LO count at 93 for the year.
Not much else has been going on. Still working out and going to the gym. I went to exercise class with Laura on Monday and Wednesday. Wednesday was a GOOD, hard workout! We sweated our butts off! I haven't weighed myself in over a week I think. Trying to stay away from that because it's discouraging to not see the drop in pounds when I know I'm working out hard. So I'm just concentrating on the fact that I do see a change in the way my body looks and feels and the way my clothes is fitting way loose! I think I'll wait until the end of next week to weigh myself again.
Lij goes back to school on Monday. My baby is in the 6th grade now! WHERE does the time go? So proud of him! It will still be the same school he was going to last goes up to 8th grade. So it won't be "that" much of a transition. Not looking forward to waking up early again...I am NOT a morning person!
Can't think of anything else new to write so that's all for now! :)