Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday.....

to me and my sis! :) Today we are 25 years old :) lol Okay, no, we aren't! lol But I know we look it! :) Didn't really do anything "big" to celebrate it today since last night I had GNO with the girls. Today I went to church w/Laura as usual and then afterwards when Miguel got home from church w/the kids (he had picked up Lij from CCD), they brought me a small cake from HEB, along with some roses and a FUNNY Hoops & Yoyo card that I just LOVE!! :) We took Lij back home to his dad's to go to the pumpkin patch and then Miguel, Mikey and I went to have lunch at Good Time Charlies. Good food :) Afterwards, we went to M's at The Quarry. Didn't really find anything for myself. Bought Mikey some Halloween finger puppet foam things that were on sale and I got some stamps for Robyn which is my best friend Laura's daughter. Her birthday is Nov.2 and the last time they came over, she was admiring my stamps and all my scrapbooking stuff. So, I'm going to try to get some things together for her :) Which btw, Laura got me some cool scrappy stuff for my birthday along w/THE sweetest card which I just LOOOOOVE!!! Thank you SO much Laura!!! :) Anyway, afterwards we came home and just hung out here. I didn't even get to make my cake because I was kind of lazy to do it! lol But I think I'll try to make it tomorrow and then just "fake" some pics! ;) I NEED some pics of me w/my cake! What else? Oh yeah, the last time I went to the gym which was on Friday, I didn't do so well with my running :( I was only able to run 10 mins non stop because my ankle was KILLING me! Or more like my achilles tendon...I think that's what it's called. Every time I moved my foot to run or even walk, I kept feeling something "pull" back there and it HURT! So I was only able to run that. After that, I ran at 5 minute intervals, so I ran a total of 25 mins, but only 10 non stop. I guess I just over did it. I couldn't really understand why my ankle hadn't been hurting up until then, but I guess maybe I just pushed myself too much. So didn't go to the gym over the weekend. May or may not go tomorrow depending how my foot feels. I had Miguel massage it today and right now it feels okay. But God willing, I'll hit the gym again for sure on Tuesday and will just have to take it easier. I'll just play it by ear. I'm not going to let this discourage me :)

STILL haven't done any scrapping. I have lots of pics I could use, but no mojo whatsoever! I don't know if I had mentioned this before, but two other women from church who I found out scrapbooked and I were discussing starting a scrapbook group at church so we are going to have our first get together on the 6th of November. So maybe instead of trying to scrap, I'll use these next couple of weeks until then to plan some pages and get some stuff together to work on that night. It's going to be from 6 to 10 so I should be able to get a few pages done. Plus, I'm looking forward to getting to know some of these other women I've seen at chuch. Laura won't be able to make it because she's going to have a slumber party for her daughter's bday that night.

Oh, forgot to talk about our GNO. We had dinner at Mama Margies along with a couple of YUMMY Margaritas then we ended up downtown at Pat O'brians. It was fun. Had a couple of drinks there...kind and alot of laughs. Sadly, I left my camera in Laura's truck...DOH! So, I didn't get any pics! So mad I did that. But one of my friends took a couple of pics on her camera phone, so I'm going to ask her to pass those along to me.
Oh, and yesterday, Chon met us out at Fiesta Texas w/the kids and we did that Fright Fest thing they have going on right now. Mikey wore his Max costume and got SO many compliments. He had a good time riding the rides w/Victoria. I got on a couple w/him. And Miguel and I got one one together. We want to try to go back next weekend at night...just him and me. That would be fun :)
Oh, forgot to say that I also colored my hair. It's alot lighter...has a reddish look to it now. I really love it! :)
Okay, I think that's about it for now!