Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here are all my latest pages in no particular order :) This puts my LO count at 110 for the year. I think Chon is ahead of me by one...I need to catch up!! lol The first three I did yesterday. Chon and I had a little scrapping/shopping day. Didn't even really do much shopping. We went by Target, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Scrapbook Heaven and Tuesday Morning, but there wasn't much I wanted. Can you believe that?? I bought 5 sheets of paper and two sheets of stickers at half off @Hobby Lobby, a pack of MM Flea Market line cb and transparent clocks and the 8x8 pack of paper from that same line @Target, got some Lil' Davis Halloween cb letters and journal stickers, some Heidi Grace rubs, and a sheet of quote stickers @Big Lots, NOTHING at Scrapbook Heaven (that is always a disappointment but Chon always insists on, and a 8x8 pack of Pink Paislee Pop Fashion paper at Tuesday Morning. Okay, maybe I DID buy alot of stuff! LOL What I meant to say I guess then, is that I didn't spend alot of money on these things. The most expensive thing I got was the 8x8 paper pack at Target and that was $4.99. Everything else was less than that. The Pink Paislee pack was only $1.99!!! That is just AWESOME!! And all the Lil' Davis stuff and the other stickers...a dollar!! Can't beat that!! So I got those three pages done and we shopped,had lunch and just hung out...good times :)
Today, we were going to meet up w/Chon and Steve and the kids at Fiesta Texas...a very last minute thing. And when we get there, we are told the park is closed to the public because Valero is having their company picnic! BOOOOOO! So sad! Mikey had been asleep and woke up just as were driving up the parking booth and he was just SO excited! I felt so bad that we couldn't stay! :( :( We ended up meeting up at a park by Chon's house and the kids played for a bit. We did some shopping after and then did our grocery shopping, then came home. I picked up a book yesterday at Wal Mart called "The Shack". A friend recommended it and said it was really good. I started reading it today and so far, I like it. I'm sure I can finish it in a couple of days. I also picked up another book at the Family Christian Store called "Captivating". Don't know if I had mentioned that Miguel had gotten me a present while I was away at my retreat and one of the things in there was a small book with some verses and stuff from that book. I liked the smaller book, so decided to get the other to read as well. I love glad I started reading again...didn't realize how much I missed it! Oh, at Target today I also picked up the MM Spook Alley 12x12 and 8x8 packs...really like them! The larger pack has 6 of each sheet so I'm going to share that one w/Chon if she doesn't have it already. I also picked up two packs of these Colorbok Transparency Frames they had there for a dollar...SO cool! Can't wait to use those! That's about it. Tomorrow is church w/Laura and afterwards we are meeting up with Chon and our friend Maria for lunch...should be FUN! Last time we got together, we ended up staying at the restaurant for SIX hours! lol So much fun when we get together! Gotta remember my camera :)Until later :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have seriously been so lazy about updating my blog! lol Don't know why...just haven't felt like it. I know there were things I wanted to talk about and since it's been a while, can't even remember anymore!
The retreat for one...was SO awesome! For a while there, I thought I was going to have to miss it because I'd been feeling sick and I just couldn't shake it! Not sure what it was/is...allergies, a cold...I'm STILL trying to get over it. The sneezing, coughing, headache...That morning of, I felt SUPER, get it? Superbad? Anyway, I really just thought of calling Laura and telling her I wouldn't be going because I didn't want to start feeling worse over there and ruin it for everyone. But I decided to just pack up all my meds and pray for the best :) It rained a good part of the drive up there, but then stopped. This encampment place happened to be just down the road from Garner State Park. And it was so big and very nice...clean too...which everyone who knows me knows this is a BIG deal for me. Our rooms were nice and big and again like I said, VERY clean so I was really happy about that. We all got bottom bunks except for Laura who got the only full sized bed there. And we ended up spending all of our time all huddled on her bed laughing, talking, eating, crying, praying...ect, ect :) We got some time that first day to just walk around the place and Laura, Liz and I went down by the river and stuck our feet in there. And I also happened to get bitten by ants there too! :( I had to take my socks off because they were COVERED in ants and then threw them in the river because we wanted to see them "float" down it...LOL. Laura took some great pics down there. I have to save some to my computer and post them here. I took my camera, but didn't even get any good pics other than one of me and Laura! It was SO nice out beautiful and quiet. It was nice to just be able to think clearly. It's not very often that I get the opportunity to be kid free and just "be" think my own thoughts, feel my own things. I know that all of you Moms can totally relate to this. I missed the kids, but boy, I needed that! We had alot of speakers those two days. Heard alot of testimonies. It was very inspiring, eye opening. Hearing alot of these stories and talking to alot of these women, I realized alot of things about my own life. And I made alot of decisions in my heart. I have to say that the most awesome part of the weekend was that I actually felt God's presence. I hadn't felt him in a LONG time and boy, was I needing that! I used to feel him alot when we first started going to church and I started reading the bible, but I feel like I had kind of started to "stray". That weekend brought me to my knees and brought me back to Him. I won't go into details about things that I experienced because it's very private to me, but I will say that I prayed for something that weekend and I honestly believe with my whole heart that He heard me. So many things seemed to just "fall into place" after I came home that Sunday. So many things that led up to that weekend made me see how this "series of events" took place to get me to where I am today. I know this might not make much sense to anyone reading this, but I know what I really, I just want to document this here so that I don't forget the experience. was a great weekend....lots of fun too...laughing like I hadn't laughed in AGES! Liz is one CRAZY girl! I really feel like I'm making new friends at this church...meeting so many new and different people. I really want to get involved here and do what I can to help where help is needed. I'm SO happy that because of my friend Laura, I have found a home in this church :)
Moving on...after I came home and was still trying to get rid of this "thing", Mikey ends up getting sick, running a fever. We took him to the doc (thank God Miguel was on vaca that whole week) and they tested him for flu and strep and both came back negative. Thank God! The ped said it must be something viral and told us to continue w/the Ibuprofen and watch him for the next few days making sure his cough didn't get worse and that he didn't run a fever for more than 3 days. Thankfully, his fever broke after two days, but he developed this horrible, phlegmy cough that was keeping him up at night. I was sleeping on the recliner in the livingroom w/him on my chest because he seemed to cough less this way. Tonight, I put him down in our bed and so far he's been asleep for about an hour and no coughing yet. I'm praying the worst is over. He's back to his active self, eating and drinking normally, so I'm hoping that is that.
Miguel's vaca was so very nice, but went by so very fast :( We didn't do much because like I said, Mikey was sick and I still wasn't feeling too well, I did get to move the kids beds....took the bunkbeds apart and put Mikey's in our room so he can sleep in it and Miguel and I can go back to sleeping in the SAME bed...NEXT to each other! lol That hasn't happened yet though because of the whole sleeping in the recliner thing. Hopefully when Mikey is better....crossing fingers! I'm glad we got to do that though and got that out of the way. The rest of the time, we just hung out here at home. It was really nice and I missed him terribly when he went back to work on Monday.
What else? Hmmm...can't think of anything else right's late and I really should go to bed. I hate waking up early. And I should take advantage of this time that Mikey isn't coughing. Oh, got some scrapping done...three new pages to add to my total which now comes to 105. I'll upload those tomorrow. For now, I'm headed to bed. Night peeps :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Short and sweet....

I know it's been a week since I last posted and there's alot I want to write about. Maybe not stuff you want to read stuff I want to document for my own benefit. If you like reading it, that's an added bonus! :) But Miguel is on vaca this week, Mikey AND I are still trying to get over whatever the heck we have (allergies, cold..who the heck knows). He's running a fever right now :( so prayers are greatly appreciated...I HATE when the kids have fevers :( Really quickly, my women's retreat was AMAZING to say the least. So much I want to say about that, but it will have to wait until later. DESPERATELY want to do some scrapping, but sadly....none of that has happened. Maybe this week? We shall see. Lots of things I want to get done while Miguel is on vaca. Things we NEED to get done. So....I will update as soon as I get the chance...night peeps :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exercise Update....

Just an update on my working out. Yesterday there was no class for the holiday so I took Laura with me to the gym. Laura did great for never having gone to a gym before...yes, NEVER! lol I started off on the treadmill and I was able to run ELEVEN minutes non stop! I know!! ELEVEN minutes! I was so excited! It was almost a full mile!! Back before "my injury" lol...I was able to run anywhere from 13 to 16 minutes non stop. So I'm not far from that!! YAY!! However, after doing so well on the treadmill, I did not do so well on the Elliptical! By then I was POOPED! I didn't do my usual 2miles/25 mins. I was barely able to do a little over one mile in 10 mins! Running really kicks my butt!! Today I started with the Elliptical and did my 25 mins/2 miles, so I didn't do as well on my running. I did run 4 mins two seperate times and did some other random 2 mins runs. I did 35 mins/2miles. Tomorow is class with Laura and then gym again on Thursday. This weekend (Friday and Saturday) is our church retreat. I don't really know what to expect since all I know of these "retreats" is the VERY little Miguel has told me about his ACTS retreats. But I already know, and just by seeing how different South San is from St. Philip's, that it will be NOTHING like his retreats. Which is good...very good. I'm excited about see what it's all about and to be totally honest, to get some AWAY time..some ME time. TWO whole days without the kids! I can't even remember the last time that happened. Oh yeah....NEVER! That was probably before I even had kids! Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE my kids, but us moms know how hard it is to get any kind of privacy, quiet time, ect, this retreat is a welcome change :) I'm taking my camera so I'll be sure to get some pics of course! I MUST, MUST, MUST scrapbook this experience! :) Okay, I'm pooped and not feeling very well. My throat hurts a bit. I just hope I don't end up getting sick or anything. Don't want to miss the retreat or feel miserable while I'm there! Oh, I believe I have one LO to post...don't think I uploaded it yet. Add another to my LO count :) Night peeps :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's coming....

I know Chon will get that! lol My scrappy mojo is slowly creeping back I think! Thank Goodness! I was able to do two pages today that I really LOVED! For one I used a sketch off of a site called Little Shop of Sketches. And the other was a lift off of one of my fave artists on 2 Peas-April Yap. I really wanted to get another done, but I didn't have time before Lij got home and then I left for exercise class with Laura. This puts my LO count at 101! :) And speaking of class, today Brother James let us use the belts and resistance bands for regular class and it was HARD! REALLY! Laura and I "had" planned to stay for the second class which was the new one he was starting w/the resistance bands, but by the time our first class was over, we were both POOPED! Pooped I say! lol But we did stay to watch. And while we were sitting there, Laura says "that doesn't look too hard" and I'm like "yeah, because we are sitting HERE and not out there doing it!" LOL We did weigh in today since we had missed last week and Monday and I FINALLY lost...1.2 pounds! It's SOMETHING and I will take it! That makes a total of 13.2 pounds in about 2 1/2 months. I had plateaud on my weight loss and I know it's mostly because I'm not watching what I eat as closely as I was when I first started doing this. I'm maintaining, but I wasn't seeing any drop in pounds until today. I know that I have to really stick to it again because I'm so close to where I want to be. And I want to really reach my goal weight by the end of the year. I know that it's possible, but I really have to stay commited to it. Other than that, not much else going on here. It's time to get to bed. Still not used to getting up at 6:30, so goodnight peeps! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I did some scrapping today and yesterday. Still not "feeling" it, but alot happier with my pages. I think I've been focusing my spare time on working out so my hobby is kind of falling to the wayside :( Speaking of working out, I hit the gym today and I was able to run 7 minutes consecutively on the treadmill today!! WOOOHOO!! I was so happy about that! My ankle only hurt me a little. I ran a total of 15 minutes walked 25. I was pooped by the time I got on the Elliptical though and I was only able to do 15 mins/1 mile. I just couldn't get myself to keep going! I usually do the Elliptical first and treamill after, but today I decided to switch it up for the very reason of trying to run more minutes. And I did, but like I said, it kicked my butt! But I was happy. And for my big accomplishment, lol...I treated myself to some scrappy stuff! :) I walked across the street from the gym to Hobby Lobby and bought myself a few sheets of paper. Paper Studio now has some manilla colored ledger paper and manilla colored lined paper. I also picked up a few random sheets: some MME Penny Lane and Breaking Free and some other Paper Studio papers with some cool stars on it. I also picked up an Anna Griffin tag pad and I used a coupon to get a Paper Studio star punch. Very happy with my new goodies :) Here's a few pages I've done recently. This puts my LO count at 99 for the year :)