Monday, July 20, 2009

Long time coming...

Has it been THAT long since I've blogged? My poor blog is so neglected! I don't know what I do all day, but time just seems to FLY by and then I don't get to come on here an update on my oh so exciting life! :D
Hmm...don't even remember what I last posted about....hmm..well, last week my sis came by on nephews birthday and we all went to eat lunch at Jim's. Then we went to M's for a little shopping and found that they are reorganizing and adding SO many things to their scrapbook section! I had a couple of things I was going to get, but card was DECLINED because a certain someone who will remain nameless forgot to deposit some money into my ~insert sad face~ I left M's empty handed. On Thursday, Chon invited me over to spend a scrappy day so at the last minute, I printed out some pics, threw some stuff in my bag and Mikey and I met her at Crossroads Mall. We went by M's where I bought the stamps I was going to buy earlier in the week (some CUTE monster ones) and this AWESOME new MME pad they just got in called Complete Boy. It's one of those FAT pads with 180 sheets so with a 50% off coupon, I only paid $10..SCORE! I LOVE me some MME! And all the papers in there are so cool and since I do mostly boy pages, this will be used alot I'm sure! Went back to Chon's and I got two pages done. Two pages that I really LOVE! Got to use my new Cosmo Cricket Early Bird and came up with a page myself :D and then lifted another off of the latest Scrapbooks Ect. magazine. I also did a few more pages over the last few days. I've been buying so much paper lately, I feel like I need to be craking out the pages! SIGH!! Why does this never end?? I just LOVE paper so much....SOOO much...there, I said it...and I'm not ashamed of it And as if I haven't bought enough paper, I placed an order at Stop and Scrap for some of the Collage Press diecut papers, a Collage Press Knave of Hearts embellishment kit, the October Afternoon Night Light collection AND the Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday collection. And yesterday, Miguel took me by M's and I got this cool new American Crafts box of paper (Backyard) and an awesome new K&Co. pad called Lemon Drop. Is it just me or do you all spend more money shopping than actually scrapping? It's not just me, right? Right? lol What else??
Still going to the gym. Last week, I went four days. I am still aiming for 5, but that hasn't happened yet. A friend of mine started going too so a couple of days when Miguel didn't go, I went with her. Been doing my arm weights, crunches, the Elliptical KICKS MY BUTT, but it's such a good workout and I am LOVING the results. I've still only lost the 8 lbs, but my clothes is fitting SO much bigger! Some jeans I had bought back in September or October of last year that were BIG on me when I bought them had been fitting me very tight around the waist. Today I put them on and they were LOOSE around my waist! I can totally see and feel a HUGE difference in my mid section. I'm still dieting too...I'll let myself have a "free day" on Saturdays where I don't stress too much about what I eat, but I also do NOT get out of hand and eat bad all day. I am making much wiser choices and cutting my portions WAY down. It's alot of hard work. I am NOT one of those people who LOVE going to the gym. It sucks, you sweat, and it I can think of a million things I'd rather do than go to the gym, but I know that if I don't, the blame for not feeling good about my body falls solely on me. So, if I want to feel better about my body and lose the weight I want to, then I have to get my butt to the gym as much as possible and stick to my diet. It's all about motivation and accountability :D

I need to take a pic of a page I just did today, so I'll do that and upload all my other recent LOs tomorrow. It's late and I'm sleepy and if I take a pic now, it won't be very good since it's so dark inside the house. Tomorrow is cleaning day...blah, but hopefully the kids will cooperate and I can knock it out quickly. Chon and I are planning Scrapapalooza Part Deux for next Saturday so I want to get some LOs planned and packed up. Miguel will have the kids so I will have a kid free day of scrapping! YAY!! Haven't had one of those in AGES!! Seriously! AGES!! lol Okay, SOO sleepy...good night! :)