Monday, November 10, 2008

I've Got the blues....

I've got the I'm so tired of being sick from my allergies, can't get a moment to myself, want to scrap, but have NO ideas or motivation, I need a vacation BAAAAADD, I want to sleep on the couch bluuuuuueesss....oh yeahhhh! LOL What the heck is wrong with me? I am DYING to create, but when I think of having to think of something, take out all my stuff, wonder if Mikey will even let me get anything done or if I'm just going to have to put all my stuff back...ugh, it's just so discouraging and I'd rather not even try! Anyone else ever feel like this or it just me?? Please tell me I'm not the only one! I was hoping to get some scrapping done tonight, but after I spent the better part of the day cleaning and then napped a bit on the couch after I took my allergy meds, then ate dinner, bathed Mikey, took a shower, put some laundry away...I just didn't feel like it anymore. Boo hoo!! I have a big pile of new stuff laying on my table just waiting to be used. Well, not anymore because I had it sitting there for days so I had to put it in its proper place. I even got some YUUUUMMMY goodies in the mail today...some more stuff from that birthday club I'm in. But even that didn't motivate me. I'm sitting here right now looking at all my stuff in my clear pocket organizer over my table and looking at all its yummy contents, but nothing :( WAAAAHHHH! I don't even remember how long I have gone without scrapping. Or if it's ever happened before. Chon wants to get together sometime this week. Since my Mom is on vacation, she can watch Mikey for me so I can have a little break, but now I have to think of stuff to work on. I still want to get some Halloween pics scrapped. Oh will someone please send me some scrappy mojo my way? Sasha? Janey? Chon?? ANYONE?? LOL

On to other news...LOL Yesterday morning, i was planning on waking up and making the kids a nice breakfast like pancakes and bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. Well, Mikey snuck out of my bed around nine or so and I heard him shuffling around the room looking for his shirt (he HAS TO sleep shirtless) and slippers because he said the floor was cold. I got out of bed like thirty minutes later and made my way to the kitchen where I found Lij had made himself some scrambled eggs and toast and had even set a place for Mikey and had given him a piece of toast! Darn! It JUST now dawned on me that I should have taken a picture of him!! I give scrapbookers a bad name!! LOL Anyway, it just made me see how fast Lij is growing up and becoming so independent and self sufficient and how pretty soon, he's probably not going to need me for much. And pretty soon, Mikey will be there too!!! SLOW DOWN...please!! LOL I'm proud of Lij though. Spending all this extra time with his dad is really benefiting him. I definately have him to thank for Lij slowly but surely coming out his shell :) Okay, what else?? Hmm...I think that is it for now. Pics of my scrappy goodies follow :)