Monday, May 7, 2007

A Good Monday

YAY! Tammy is back from Austin and I am not lonely anymore! LOL We decided to say the heck with our cleaning today and we headed out to our favorite spot...SB911 for a little therapy!! LOL I was actually very good and only spent $18!! I can't even believe it!! Tammy spent more, but she says it was all my fault! LOL Okay, I'll take the blame!! Hee,hee!! I got some cool, new papers and this really neat little 7 Gypsies book I'm going to fix up for Miguel for Father's Day. I already have some cool ideas for it too!! The stamps are Autumn Leaves and I got those in the mail today from I just loved them in the friends book Janey made and I HAD to buy them!!

Here's an updated pic of my scraproom just for fun :)

And here is a pic I took of some beautiful flowers that are growing on this "tree" that Miguel planted in our front yard. I don't know what they are called, but they are so pretty!!

I ended up doing a good part of my cleaning today in the late afternoon. Still have a bit to do tomorrow, but maybe after I can work on the last three weeks cards for the art journal challenge. I already got pics printed out for two of them and a couple of ideas so maybe I'll get some scrapping time in while Mikey naps. Well, I should head off to bed. I'm tired and I have an earache :( Nighty nite!