Monday, June 1, 2009

There IS more to buy....

I forgot to post a few goodies I got last weekend at Super J's and my collection of Big Lots $2 Thickers :) I'd been wanting some of these KI lace papers and my sis told me they had them at the Super J's so after checking out a BL for Thickers, we went by there real quick and I picked up 3 sheets and these alpha stickers that I already have some of, but I just love. Oh, and another circle punch, but I forgot to put it in that pic with my stuff. Hopefully, I can get some scrapping done this week. We have our blog hop going on and I also joined Kimmi's color challenge again on This month, the color combo is red/black/white/and teal or turquoise. I love that color combo!

So, we took Mikey to see the ped on Friday and he did confirm what we thought...that he has sleep apnea because of his enlarged tonsils. They weren't infected at all, but they are VERY large. So he gave us some meds to give him to try to "control" it until we can get him in to see the doc he referred us to and have him sheduled to get his tonsils out. He gave us a nose spray and some one a day Singulair and told us to continue the one a day Claritin and use a decongestant for a few days. I "have" noticed in the past couple of nights, that he is "gasping" for air or "choking" less and that he is still snoring, but not as loudly and there "are" short periods of time where he is breathing easy and NOT snoring. Last night, we slept on the bed for the first time in about a week and he did okay. I had been laying him on the couch propped up on a TON of pillows so he was pretty upright and I'd sleep on the other couch...which is not as comfortable as the bed. So good thing that we got to sleep on the bed. We must have been pretty tired from all this not sleeping because both Mikey and I didn't wake up until ELEVEN today! I know! But hopefully, we are on the road to some better nights. And thank you to all who have kept Mikey in your prayers :)

Miguel got home relatively early yesterday so we decided to make a last minute trip to Sea World and make good use of our season passes. Lij is still at his dad's so it was just the three of us. It was kind of hot, but we spent a good amount of time in Happy Harbor I think it's called...I kept cool by getting splashed when kids would run by me! I got a few good pics, but wouldn't you know, my darn camera batteries died!! It was a bit cloudly now and then so it wasn't so bad being out. We rode on a couple of rides with Mikey as well and looked at the fish in the aquarium and fed the dolphins. It was nice...we need more time like that.
Afterwards, we did our grocery shopping at our old neighborhood HEB and we drove by our old house. It's STILL empty! It's been almost a year and it hasn't sold! The grass looks so pretty there...nice and green. And the Hibiscus plant and some other bush/shrub Miguel had planted in the front by the door are HUGE! It was kind of bittersweet seeing it :( I miss that house! I LOVED the yard..and well, the house itself. But I sure hated being out there by myself like 95% of the time...didn't like that AT ALL. So I know that everything worked out the way it should have...I'm much happier here.
So, that's about it....I'm going to see if I can get some scrapping done. So, if I do...I'll post later :) Here's some pics to share :)