Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exercising. Scrapbooking. Soup.

Today is my third day doing the bike. Yesterday was a good day...did 35 minutes/10.0 miles. Today, the same. I used a thicker towel on the seat and it wasn't so bad. It really is a very uncomfortable seat! Other than that, I really like it. My ankle is still hurting...not as much as that first night and I'm thinking...maybe the more I use it, the less it will hurt? It's just a theory :)

I was able to do a page today with some silly pics of Mikey I took a few weeks back. I used one of Stephanie Howell's pages for inspiration on my placement and can't remember who...someone I have bookmarked on 2 Peas, for color inspiration. I am very happy with it :)Oh, I also took a pic of my scrapbook area with my new table setup. I really like it :)

Today I made some homemade chicken soup...I've made it before and everyone just LOVES it! Too bad it wasn't a cold day. It was still super YUMMY :)

Mikey is on his third day of antibiotics and seems to be doing better. Last night, there was very little, if any, coughing and we got to sleep on the bed...HOOORAY!! I really needed some good sleep. I was so thankful that Mikey slept well too. I'm sure he was just as tired as I was and feeling pretty crummy I'm sure. So, he's getting better :)

That's all for now!