Thursday, October 22, 2009

STILL no scrapping, but it's worth the sacrifice...

I STILL have not been able to find the time or the mojo to get a page done! I am ITCHING to be creative, but every time I sit down to start something, Mikey wants something so the constant interruptions are killing my scrappy vibe! I have these awesome pics of Mikey dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things Are (my sis and her hubby made Mikey the costume and it is AWESOME!) and they have been sitting on my table along with ONE sheet of patterned paper for DAYS!! NOTHING is coming to me! I really love the pics so I don't want to half arse it just to get it done you know? I find that when I'm devoting more time to my working out, I don't have as much time to sit and scrap or peruse the galleries and stuff. By the time I get my "chores" done and Mikey gets settled doing something, it's almost time for me to go to the gym. BUT I know that it's paying off and that I'm seeing results and reaching my goal. So I'm sure down the line when I've finally lost all the weight I want and I can run for miles and miles to my hearts content, I will be glad that I prioritized my health over my hobby :) And speaking of the gym, I went again today....kind of late because my mom went back to work today so by the time she got home, it was kind of "late". I didn't end up getting to the gym until around 5:30 and I was afraid there would be no machines empty because that's usually the time when the gym is pretty packed. And when I got there, I glanced over at the machine and sure enough, there were none available! I was kind of bummed. All the treadmills in the women's workout area were available, but I hate being back there. In my opinion, it bores me to be back there all alone looking at myself running in the mirror! lol I find it ALOT easier to work out in the actual gym because there are so many people and I can easily get distracted from my pain by watching other people working out. So anyway, by the time I had put my stuff away in the locker and went back out, I noticed that my FAVE treadmill to run on...the one WAY at the end was free so I hurried over there before someone else took it! LOL So the running time for today...I was hoping to keep at least my last running time which was 2.5 miles/35 mins, but I was able to add to it today and I ran FORTY TWO mins non stop for a total of THREE MILES!! WOOOHOOO!! Seriously, I am totally blown away by the fact that I am actually doing this! I didn't think I had it in me! But I cannot take all the credit because I have been praying for the strength to do this and I KNOW, it's all Him!! I feel him...pushing me on! And it's SO awesome!! And the thing that makes me feel even more so that God's hands are on me is because my ankle is not hurting me....AT ALL! He is AMAZING! I feel like such a dork sometimes when I'm running and listening to 33 Miles and wanting to smile like a dummy because I know He's there and he's rooting for me!! So just had to share my latest accomplishment. God willing, I'll be hitting the gym again tomorrow then taking the weekend off. Oh, Miguel picked me up from the gym after because it was kind of late and he was on his way home from work anyway, so we stopped at Target for a few things and I bought myself a couple boxes of hair color. Yes, I'm going to color my hair! I used to do it all the time before and I really liked it, but had gotten kind of tired of having to keep up with it. But I'd been wanting to do it again for a while...I feel like I need a "change" so I'm going for it. I hope it "takes" since my hair has gone back to its natural darker color. I'm hoping for a light red color...we shall see :)
GNO is on for Saturday night. We are having dinner at Mama Margies...and some Margaritas :) And then bowling! Yes, I love bowling! Not very good at it, but I do enjoy playing! Miguel and I were going to spend the day together on Saturday, but I feel bad for leaving Mikey at home when he hasn't really gotten out all week, so I told Miguel that if the weather is nice and fresh, I'd like to take him to the zoo...maybe have a little picnic. Mikey is ALL about the outdoors! I like the zoo too...always have, ever since I was just a little girl! So, we'll probably do that during the day then come home and get ready to have dinner. Which reminds me I need to charge my camera batteries!! Okay, it's getting late and I need to head to bed. Nighty peeps :)