Sunday, August 17, 2008

This makes 76

This puts me at 76 LOs for the year although this one is not for me. I had bought this really pretty frame a couple of weeks back with the intention of making a page and framing it for Miguel's good friend Juan. He is such a wonderful friend to Miguel and such a good influence and positive role model. He was the one who got Miguel into ACTS at church. His wife is a very sweet woman too. They are both such good generous....I just wanted to do something nice for them :) I really hope they like it. Right now, they are in Mexico hosting another ACTS retreat, but Juan should be back to work on Tuesday so I'm going to send it with Miguel.

I went by 911 last night. Miguel took me after church and I used my free $10 plus a little more. I got some of the new Pink Paislee stuff...LOVE their alpha stickers which I got in every color they had. Also got some Luxe papers, Daisy those...and the Kaisercraft papers I used for this page. I only spent $25...I think I got a good amount of stuff for it. Maybe I'll get some scrapping for myself done tomorrow since I did most of my cleaning today. The other day me and my sis went to M's and we both got the Page Maps book with a coupon, so maybe I'll get my mojo going again after looking through it more.

Tomorrow is Lij's first day of school. I am so sad that I am going to miss it :( I called him tonight before he was going to bed to tell him to have a good day and pay attention to the teacher and to be himself and make new friends...I almost cried! LOL I'm such a sap! I told his dad to be sure to take plenty of pics of him especially in his uniform. He told me had made his own lunch too...sniff, sniff...I am sure going to miss him..alot. I'm so used to being a part of his daily life and hearing all he did at school and things like that. I hope it will be harder for me that him. I'm a big girl..I can deal with it, but I want him to feel comfortable and like the school. I know that he's looking forward to spending more time at his dad's and I am 100% confident that he will be well taken care of there. It will just take some adjusting. Okay, enough of that before I cry! Here's a pic of the page I did and then the page in the frame...TFL :)