Saturday, January 16, 2010

A mini album....

This was the mini album we worked on last Friday when the girls got together. Got to finish it up on Tuesday. I'm really loving the way it turned out. And I'm really liking doing mini albums. Really quick project and such a sense of accomplishment! :) Also worked on this one page sometime during the week. Oh, on Thursday. The baby I am watching didn't come that day because she got sick so I ended up scrapping page...glad I got to get some scrapping done!

So the baby...Malissa, came over on Wednesday and overall, it was pretty good. Mikey was having a bit of a hard time sharing me with her...think he just needs to adjust since all my time is pretty much devoted to him during the day. But it went pretty good I think.

Didn't get to go to the gym except for two days this past week :( REALLY need to aim for four days and I really need to watch what I eat more closely. I need to get myself motivated again and step it up.

Chon came over today and we went to Target at Crossroads and I got my ITSO cubes to put my papers in. I got 3 pink ones and alternated with the two white ones I already have. But I need 3 more. They fit perfectly under one of my 6 foot tables and I was able to fit two rows of 4 stacked 2 high. My albums will go in the bottom ones and my paper in the top. I'm giving my cubbie shelf to Yocasta :)

What else? Can't think of anything else going on for now. So, until next time! :)