Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scrapbook group

So my sis and the girls and I got together last Friday for some scrappy time. I spent the day w/my sis shopping, having lunch and just hanging out while our Mom watched Mikey. I really look forward to those Fridays when I can leave Mikey at home and just hang out w/Chon...good times, good times :) So, we hit our usual spots, but I don't think I got much in the way of scrappy goodies. I did get the kids and Miguel's Vday gifts. And I got myself THE CUTEST canvas print at Target! It was in kids' room decor, but it has OWLS, OWLS I tell you!! HOW could I pass that up?? lol We did go by Scrapbook Heaven which is always such a disappointment to us :( But I did walk out with about 5 sheets of paper and some Sass stitch stamps. At HL I picked up a cute butterlfy punch I'd been wanting and a sheet of stickers w/Scriptures on them. That was pretty much it as far as shopping. Laura wasn't able to stay because of car problems, but she did eat dinner w/us and then we all exchanged little Vday gifts and cards :) I didn't even get as much scrapping done as I'd hoped...only 4 of the 8 pages I'd packed, but I finished up the others on Monday. Probably the most scrapping I've done in a while. With going to the gym, watching the baby now, doing what I have to do around here...I always feel like I don't have enough time to do anything "fun" :( Can't even imagine what it would be like if I had to work outside of the house. Probably wouldn't get anything fun done! Thank God that I am blessed to be able to stay at home w/the kids and have some free time :)

What else? Still going to the gym. Not as much as I'd like to or should. Last week, I only went ONE time :( I know...VERY BAD! But this week, I've gone twice already. Aiming again for tomorrow and then Friday to make four days. That is my go at least 4 days. Thankfully, although I haven't lost any more weight. I'm still maintaining so that's good. What else? Oh Valentine's Day....was a good day. Went to church...LOVE Sundays and going to church. Miguel met me there and then he took me and Mikey to eat at Chili's. We walked around The Quarry Market after. Even went to M's, but left with nothing. There was actually NOTHING there that I! Miguel got me the cutest Hoops & Yoyo card! I LOVE them! And he really liked the glasses I got was JUST what he wanted! For ONCE I got him a gift he LOVED! He kept saying how much he loved them! :)

Okay, I think that's it for now. Here are my most recent pages. You can check them out in my gallery too if need to know a specific product! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Case of the BLAHS.....

I've had a slow going week. We've had some colder, very rainy weather here this week and maybe it's draining me. LOL Blame it on the weather right? It's affecting my allergies that's for sure. As well as Mikey. He's had a cough and sneezing and runny nose on and off since Saturday. Thankfully, it's not keeping him up at night like it did the first couple of nights. I've been giving him cough/cold meds every 4 hours, had the humidifier going by his bed at night, rubbing Vaporub on his chest at night. Anything and everything. Dreading taking him to the doc just to be told it's just a cold or allergies and we leave with less money and no meds. I figure as long as he doesn't have a fever and his cough isn't affecting his sleep or eating, ect. I looked in his throat and it doesn't look red at all, so we shall see. I woke up feeling a little head congestion and I've had a tiny 'sting' in my throat all week. I am pretty sure there's something in the air lately.

Anyway, enough about the weather. I haven't gotten to go to the gym this week. Bad, I know. But since Mikey has a cough, they won't take him in Kids Klub. The girsl and I were going to meet up at the gym on Monday morning, but I had to skip it because of his cough. Last Friday, I went and had a good workout. I was able to run a mile in 16 mins non stop. I know. I'm back to my "running thing". I don't know....I just want to get good at running. It's something I've had in my head/heart for a while and I really want to do it. Right now, this darn cold weather just keeps me from going to the gym as much as I'd like. And the time change....don't want to be catching the bus in the rain/cold OR the dark! lol We have this thing at church going on...The Biggest Loser and we all broke off into teams of 4. Pretty much the same concept as the show. Liz, Yocasta, Diana and I are on a team called the Slenderellas! lol I have 30 lbs to go to get to where I really want to be. Of course losing more than that would be great, but 30 is enough for me. I'm not really concerned about the prize either. Losing the weight is reward enough for me. The added prize is just a "bonus" :)

I was able to get some scrapping done on Tuesday. Did two pages that I really love. Both "semi lifts". One off of Stephanie Howell and one off of April Yap over on 2 Peas. Oh wait, and I was able to do one page yesterday while the baby was playing quietly in her playpen and Mikey was napping. That was also a lift off of Gumpgirl on Don't know that I'll get anything done today. I took an allergy pill before the baby came because I didn't feel too well and now I'm drowsy...not good. And I only took one to try to avoid feeling sleepy, but I guess that didn't help any. Okay, enough for now....have a great Thursday everyone...yay...weekend is almost here :)