Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally, some scrapping

It was a little late night scrapping, but I got a page done..yay! I used some of my new Sassafras Lass Happy Place and some old stuff I've had for a while...some MME, KI. Maybe I can break into my Life at The Pole papers tomorrow! BTW, that glare on Miguel's forehead, isn't there IRL!

A Present

I know it's not my birthday anymore, but I got another present. This one is from my very good friend in Michigan, Cassie. Thanks SO much, Cass! I just love it all :) You know just what I like, Chicklet :)

Oh, and here's a pic I got of Mikey with his Santa Hat.

And the gifts continue... :)

My Life at The Pole collection came in today :) I really want to take some Christmas pics now and use's sooo cute! We got Mikey a train for his birthday and last night, he was playing with it and standing over it with his legs open making a human bridge! He was getting such a kick out of it! What else? My foot is still the same. I was trying to do some stuff around the house this morning and I was carrying a whole bunch of clothes to put in the dirty clothes basket and trying to hold on to my crutches at the same time and I slipped and almost fell...AGAIN! I just let go of my crutches and the clothes and grabbed on to the kitchen table...WHEW!! So funny (but not), but Mikey just looks at me and asks "Why'd you do that??" LOL Crazy kid! I managed to do everything on my list today which was to clean our bathroom, wipe down the counters in the kitchen, vacuum, dust, and start a load of laundry. But what used to take me like thirty or forty minutes, not takes me like TWO hours! I have to take little "rests" in between. All this "hopping" around makes me so thirsty too! Maybe if I weighed like 100 would be a breeze to move around, but since I don' takes alot out of me! I keep telling Miguel that my left calf (or is it calve)...let's just say going to have more muscle than my right one and then I'm going to look all off :( Maybe after I'm better, I should keep using my crutches, but just hop on my right leg? LOL No, maybe not! Okay, nothing else exciting going on I'll go for now. I want to "try" to scrap later..who knows if I'll get to or not.