Friday, June 26, 2009

I Lost....

3.5 lbs so far!! WOOOHOOOO!! I weighed myself that first time Miguel and I went to the gym and then on Tuesday I think, I weighed myself and I lost 3.5 lbs! I was SO happy! I know it's not alot, but it's something. And it's enough to keep me motivated. I don't think "working out" on the exercise bike was doing it for me anymore. It might have helped alot in strengthening my ankle, but wasn't doing much for toning anything other than my legs. I knew that the treadmill would do it. At the time I was walking/running before I fell down, it didn't seem to me that the treadmill was doing much for me, but seeing my body NOW and seeing it back was most definately making a HUGE difference! I know that in time, if I keep at the gym and dieting...I WILL get to where I want to be. I am really LOVING the gym! We went on Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday Miguel had something to do after work, so we didn't go. On Thursday, he had a meeting for church, but I went ahead and went w/out him and I did pretty good. An hour and 5 mins on the treadmill, 125 crunches on the ab machine thingy and my 5 different arm exercises on the weight machines. Took another day off today, but we are going early in the morning tomorrow and then again on Sunday when Miguel gets home from work. I would really like to be doing 6 days a week, but if I can get in 5, I'll be happy with that.

This is the last week for the Blog Hop that Chon and I have been hosting and this week, it was her turn to host the challenge. She did a color combo challenge this week and we had to make a page using black/white/hot pink/turquoise/lime green. I had such a hard time with it for some reason! Not so much because of the colors, I guess I just wasn't feeling the mojo. I FINALLY found a page I wanted to lift and I'm pretty happy with what turned out.

Other than that...not much else going on here. Miguel and I might catch a movie tomorrow after church. But other than that...not alot planned for tomorrow. I need to go now...Mikey is tired and fussy and I need to give him a bath to wake him up because he can't go to sleep now...too late for nap and too early to put him down for the night! Later :)