Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hot Days of Summer Blog Hop Challenge #3

Wow! I can't believe we are already on the THIRD week of challenges! It's just been FLYING by! Everyone has done a great job and it's been so much fun doing the games and chatting with everyone :) Here's this week's challenge!

Sketch It, Stamp It
Almost every single time I scrap, my inspiration comes from a sketch or someone else's page composition. I love bookmarking pages I love, then using them later to take whatever bits and pieces caught my eye and make them my own. One of my favorite places to find inspiration is Pencil Lines. I love the way they have each design team members' interpretation below the sketch because sometimes the sketch itself won't inspire me, but one of the team's LOs might. This challenge will be fairly easy too and open to your own interpretation since there will be no restrictions as to colors, theme, products, ect. being used. The challenge: Use ANY Pencil Lines sketch as the guide for your page. You can flip it on its side, upside down...whatever...this is all about what appeals to you. You MUST state the sketch number you used in your product list when you upload your LO. The other requirement for this challenge....STAMPS. I know I have alot of them....ALOT....and although I've seen numerous people use them on their pages and love the effect, I never quite know how to incorporate them on my LO. So, it's time to dust off your acrylic or wooden stamps and use them on your page. You can make a background using them, stamp and cut out shapes/words, or stamp directly on your's all up to you :)
The Rules:
1. You MUST use a Pencil Lines sketch as your inspiration. Don't forget to list the number of the sketch you used. Your LO must be NEW and not entered in any other challenge or contest. You have until Sunday night to upload your LO (one or two pager) to the gallery and link here in the comment section.
2. You MUST incorporate stamping on your page.

That's it...have fun and don't forget to look for this week's mini challenge!

Here's my take on the challenge. I used sketch #118 from Pencil Lines. This puts my LO count at 61.

Here's Chon's page: