Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're Moving....


So...this time we really are moving. It seems that we are joining the masses of people having to give up their homes because unfortunately we just can't keep up with everything. I'm a little sad to be leaving. I kind of thought this would be our home forever and ever and Mikey would start school here too and all that stuff, but I guess God has different plans for us. I will miss my big house and of course my scraproom, but to be honest, I never really did like the idea of being WAY out here all by myself most of the time away from everyone I know. So maybe some good will come out of this. Well, I'm sure that whatever needs to come out of this will. I'm trying not to worry about it too much and leave it in God's hands, but I'm a big time worrier and it's a little hard for me. Maybe that's something I need to learn from this situtation.... I am not in control. I'm mostly worried about where Lij will go to school. We will be staying with my mom (thank God for her). How long, we have not yet decided. We have some options as far as Lij's school and we still have a couple of years before we have to worry about that for Mikey. Miguel and I still need to sit down and talk more and get some definite plans in order. I'm REALLY dreading the whole packing up and moving stuff. UGH...I never wanted to have to do that again, but here I am...doing it again. We'll be moving our internet service over there so I won't be without a computer...that's GOOD! LOL We still have to try and also figure out what we can fit into my mom's, what needs to go into storage and what needs to be sold. So on that note, if anyone is interested, we have a sofa and loveseat for sale. As well as a kitchen table and four chairs...not in the best condition..the top is all messed up and scratched on by the kids, we also have a refrigerator...about six months old...VERY know me! LOL Right now, that's all I know of that we have to get rid of. We might also have a yard sale in a couple of weeks to get rid of some stuff so I'll post in case anyone wants to come by and take a look. I'd really appreciate prayers right now that God will take us wherever we need to be. Thanks :)