Saturday, May 23, 2009

There is nothing left to buy....

LOL I spent the day with my sis today...doing our regular shopping day thing. We hit up M's first and that's how I felt there was nothing left for me to buy. Have it, have it, don't want it, love it...looked bigger on TV! LOL Get it, Chon ;) Really, there was NOTHING I really wanted. And I had so many coupons to use too! I left with a small circle punch I was wanting for making lollipop flowers...used a 50% off coupon for that. And the Sassafrass Lass Whale Of A Tale pad which was on clearance for $14.99 so with a 40% off coupon, I think it was around $9 which is not bad at all for all the stuff you get in there! I know, the last time I said I wasn't too crazy about the Whale Of A Tale, but it was on clearance and with a coupon...just couldn't pass it up! I just love Sass!! :) We also went by Scrapbook Heaven. OMGoodness! No offense to anyone who shops there, but each and every time we's such a disappointment. I literally leave there with one..maybe two things or nothing at all. Okay, I'm lying..I never leave with NOTHING :D Ha, ha! Seriously, for this store being as big as it is, they do NOT carry all the new product that 911 does. They do have alot of stuff....just not my style. I was telling my sis today, that their stuff is too "themey"...and they don't have nowhere near as many aisles of new stuff like 911 does. I was hoping for some Jenni Bowlin, some Fancy Pants, maybe some October know, all the stuff that's coming out...but nope! I left there with four sheets of paper and a Glimmer Mist because I've been wanting to try one. Oh, and a couple of yards of some really pretty Prima lace trim that my sis also got. There is just no comparison for me...911 is the store I prefer to shop at :)

So we got back to my sis's after shopping, ate lunch and got our scrap on! I only had one page planned and it literally took me no time at all, but I am LOVING the way it turned out. It was a lift off a 2 Peas artist I have bookmarked...Cobb something or other. I used cardstock as my base...well, I had a sheet of MM stamp edge paper underneath, but what was showing the most was the cs. I NEVER....did I say NEVER? Yep, never use cardstock. I know I did when I first started seriously scrapping again about five years ago which is why I have alot of it now, but I hadn't used it in AGES. I'm definately more of a patterned paper kind of girl. IF I do use it, it's mostly either white or black and I always make sure to keep stocked with those. The other rainbow of colors...don't buy them anymore...just have what I bought way back when. Anyway, I really loved the way it turned out. And although like I said, I prefer patterned paper, I won't completely rule out using cardstock the next time I scrap. Okay, that's all for now. It's late and I'm tired. Mikey is playing Lego Indiana Jones...a game Miguel got today. And I think he needs to pull himself away for a to bed. More later :)