Thursday, June 2, 2011

Update with pictures

My, my, am I bad at keeping up with this thing! Why? I have no idea! I used to be so good at blogging regularly! Anyway....stuff going on here. The most recent thing is that Max got stung by what we suspect was a wasp! OMG...I get a HUGE lump in my throat just thinking of what his little face looked like that morning! It was HUGE! His little eyes, mouth, snout, his entire head was swollen! Miguel immediately called the vet and he took him in and left him there on his way to work. I got a call from them shortly after and they said he had a high fever and they had given him a couple of injections for the swelling and they were going to monitor him. I was SUPER scared and worried for him. I was a MESS the whole day. Thank God, the swelling went down and his fever went away and Miguel picked him up that evening. His face was just a tiny bit swollen still so we were instructed to give him Benadryl until it went down. That was so scary and hopefully nothing like that will happen again anytime soon! I absolutley LOVE that little, furry guy and I don't know what I would do if something happened to him!

I've been creating....some pages, my sis and I started a kind of art journal book that was inspired by the new K&Co SMASH book. Sure, we could just buy, but I thought it would be more fun to make one. Apparently people have been making them for a I think I'm just a little late on the trend! lol I bought some half sized binders on Ebay and used those to put my pages in. I used patterned papers, envelopes, tickets, all sorts of things. I altered the cover and still plan on altering the inside pockets and possibly the back cover. My sis and I worked on our first pages in the book last night. She showed me something she thought was cool and had bookmarked in her 2 Peas bookmarks, so we Skyped and did our pages together. I think they came out pretty cool if I do say so myself! :) I worked on another page alone today. Sometimes I think I start too many projects and then have too many things going well, if it makes me happy, then who cares, right?! Miguel had bought me a book a couple of weeks back called "We Dare You". I believe it has/had something to do with Effer Dares. Anyway, it has alot of cool challenges and I thought I'd maybe do those and put those in my art journal. I was also thinking of maybe posting the challenge here for those of you who might want to play along. We'll see :)
Mikey had an award ceremony yesterday and he received FOUR medals! YAY! We are so proud! I loved that half way of walking across the stage, he stopped, turned to the audience and waved! LMBO! It looked SO funny! He's such a ham! And he was so proud of all his medals! I'll have to take a pic of them and make a page about that.

Oh, Miguel had started a garden a few months back. He actually does it every and all the years past, the little seedlings never made it. But this year, they have survived even without getting much rain here. But Miguel waters them faithfully every morning and night. We have some tall sunflowers and some of the veggie plants have started growing stuff....he forgot to mark them, so we have a few long, green things we think might be squash or watermelon! lol We also have a tomato! It is so cool! I know he is just so proud! I'm proud of him too!!

What else? Can't think of anything's a little past 3 p.m. and the kids will be getting here soon, so I'd better get lunch started. Until later :)