Friday, April 29, 2011

Strike while the iron is hot!

Gotta keep it going....blogging that is! I just finished working on a page and uploaded it to and thought I'd post it up here too while I was at it. That way I won't get behind in my blogging/posting LOs. I'm VERY excited about this LO because 1.) It was ALL ME :) no lifting of any kind...just picked some stuff and flew by the seat of my pants so to speak ;) 2.) I used a BUNCH of stamps which I never do. So using a whole bunch on this page definitely justifies buying all the stamps that I do! And 3.) I got creative! I've been DYING....I mean DYING for some Japanese masking tape/washi tape and I saw some that have a grid pattern on them that I just LOVE, but haven't gotten around to ordering them yet because it's kind of pricey. So I had the idea to just use regular masking tape and stamp on it with my grid stamp and voila....LOVE the way it turned out! So anyway, I'm just very excited about this page....gonna see if I can crank out another before the kids get home before I lose the mojo!