Sunday, November 29, 2009

WHERE have I been???

I have been neglecting my poor blog again! Bad blogger! lol Not much has been going on here....just the usual. On the working out front....haven't done much of it sadly! I'm starting to "feel" it and that is not good because I don't want to undo all the hard work I have put into it. I really need to get back on track with the eating and hitting the gym regularly. My ankle has not bothered me too much the past few days, but haven't really done anything on it either, so we shall see.
I've done a teeny bit of scrapping...two pages, but I'm using them to submit to Helen Croft's blog design team at and I'm not sure if we can post them, so I'll just wait until after to upload them here.
Oh, I want to thank Pam at She was hosting a Follow My Blog contest and I won...a $20 GC to!! Used it to get my sis some stuff she was wanting for her Christmas gift :)
This Friday is our second get together for our church scrapbooking group. Really excited about it. I'm hoping we will have more people than last time show up. No one RSVPd to me, but Cheryl said people had been letting her know they were attending and I know of a few people who have said they are going as well, so we shall see. Laura will be going to this one so I'm glad about that. I'm putting a little bit of stuff together for her since she doesn't scrapbook and doesn't really have any supplies.
Thanksgiving was nice. Spent it here at home with Mom, Miguel and the kids and Chon and her family. We went by Miguel's parents' for a bit afterwards and then just came home and watched some movies Miguel had rented. I love when we can just hang out at home and relax together...good times :)
What else? Can't really think of anything else blog worthy...soooo...tomorow is cleaning day...again...hopefully won't take too long since last week I went on a washing frenzy and washed everyone's blankets as well as all the sofa pillows! lol I'm hoping to get our little tree up on Tuesday maybe and then maybe over the weekend, Miguel and I can work on getting some decorations put up outside. Hope everyone has a great week :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


hadn't scrapped since the church crop! I was itching to create! Finally did a page today...ALL me :) Yep, doesn't happen very often, but once in a great while, I can create a page that I didn't lift! lol

Ideas For Scrapbookers is having a little GC giveaway. Check it out here

Not much else going on. Went to the gym on Tuesday...2.5 miles on the treadmill...2 on the Elliptical...some running, but nothing to brag about sadly. My ankle is still hurting..having to ice it daily...iced it TWICE today :( Haven't weighed myself in a while so don't know how it's going there, but my clothes is still fitting loose so that's good enough for me for now. It's late and I hate waking up so early, so that's all for now. Nighty!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some pages to share....

So, the scrapbooking party at church was FUN! There were only 3 others besides Chon and me, but it was still a blast! I got to meet Yocasta in person :) We had been chatting on Facebook prior to that night. VERY nice girl...looking forward to getting to hang out with her more. And got to know Kim a little better even though she was pretty quiet...I know she was very tired! You looked very tired, Kim! But I was so glad that she joined us and stayed until the end :) And Liz of course, who I've known for a while (since our church retreat). She always keeps me laughing! We had some good conversation...some good laughs, got some scrapping done (4 of the 7 pages I packed), and got some much needed "girl" time. It's always so nice to hang out with other women and just have some fun! :) Cheryl said we are going to try to make it a monthly thing and she put me in charge of it...yay! I am really excited about this because this was something I had always wanted to try to get going at our old church, but the opportunity never presented itself. So, I'm just so excited that it's actually coming together at SSFC :) Our next gathering will be on December the 4th. And Cheryl had suggested that maybe we do Christmas cards which I think is a great idea because last year it got too late on me and I didn't do them.

Went to the Chili Bowl on was a good game. Saw a couple of old classmates and finally got to meet Joseph (an old classmate we found on FB). Him and another friend Alex treated us to dinner after the game...very nice of them :) Didn't go to church on Sunday because J (Laura's husband) was on a church retreat and she needed to drive the kids to CCD and stuff, so just hung out at home until Miguel got home and then we had a "date". We went to the movies and watched "Couples Retreat". It was funny. Not as funny as I thought it'd be, but funny enough. We picked up some food on the way home and just hung out. Nice night...much needed alone time ;)

I wen to the gym on Tuesday. Did 2 miles on the treadmill and 2 on the Elliptical. I ran 5 mins then 3 more later, but my ankle was hurting after. Came home and iced it and it feels "ok". I'm going to aim for 4 days a week at the gym....Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Now with the whole time change, it gets darker sooner and don't want to be riding the bus after dark. So we will see how that goes. I really think 4 days should be good if I really watch what I'm eating...which sadly, I have not. I'm not gaining anything AT ALL..which is very good, but I'm not losing either :( I really need to buckle down!

What else? I think that's about all. Here's some pics of the pages I've gotten done. Yesterday, I finished 2 of the 3 I didn't get around to Friday. I think this brings my LO total for the year to 127, but I'll have to double check :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Warming up...

for tomorrow night's scrapbooking party at church. I did two more pages mojo is back! Sure did miss it! :) Both were "lifts", one was inspired by one of the neighbors, Gumpgirl...really love her stuff, and the other was another neighbor, Delaina Burns I believe her name is...she's got some good stuff too! LOVE the way both of them came out. Didn't do much else today, but hang out at home...scrapping, doing my bag packed for tomorrow. We need to all bring a dish to share and I'm going to bring chicken pot pie. Elijah has early release tomorrow, but his dad is picking him up and he'll be staying there for the weekend. He "was" staying here, but decided at the last minute he wanted to go....I knew he would :) Nothing else going on...still no gym...STILL have pain in my ankle...prayers would be greatly appreciated :) Nighty!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just An Update....

I've gotten lazy about my blog again it seems! What has been going on? Halloween was fun. We ended up going over to Chon's house to trick or treat and hang out. She set up tables in the driveway and we had pizza and McD's. Our cousin Noel, his wife Missy and their kids Austin and Nick went over too. I hadn't seen them in a while...although we do keep in touch through Facebook. The guys and Missy took the kids trick or treating and Chon, Mattie and I stayed at her house handing out candy. The kids had a blast and ran around the yard while we all sat around and chatted. When it got too cold for us, we went in and watched this scary movie On Demand called "Orphan"....was good...and while the kids played in Chon's scraproom. Not with her paper of course! lol :) It was a good time :)

I went to the gym on Tuesday....I did 25 minutes (2 miles) on the Elliptical and 2 and some miles (40 mins) walking on the treadmill...NO running whatsoever. Still came home and later that night, my ankle was hurting something awful! It felt like someone was squeezing my ankle REALLY tightly! I iced it and that helped a little, but it's just not feeling right! I'm afraid I might have messed something up with all that running because before I started all that long distance running, even with all my trips to the gym, I was not having pains or problems with it like I am now. I haven't gone any other days this week and I'm not really sure what to do. Going to just wait it out and play it by ear and try to hit the gym again on Monday.

This Friday we have a scrapbooking party at church. So excited about that. Chon is coming too so it will be good to have someone I "know" to talk to, but also looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know some of the women I have already "met" at church a little better. I have 7 pages packed and ready to go. And I managed to scrap one page today. I had not done one scrappy thing in THREE weeks!This puts my count at 119 I think. Had printed out two other pics in case the mood hit me, but it got late on me with baths, dinner, maybe tomorrow.

Hmm..what else? I can't think of anything else new going on. Oh, going to the Chili Bowl with Laura on Saturday night. That's a Highschool football game against our "rivals". Supposedly, this will be the last one because the school we used to play against will be becoming a "magnet school"...don't know what that means! lol Alot of old classmates are going so I think it will be fun to see who shows up. Definitely taking my camera :)
Okay, think that's all....sharing a few pics :)