Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Feeling Tired

Okay, so I have felt SO tired today! Aside from not sleeping much at night because Mikey is in the bed with us, I stayed up late waiting for Miguel to finish up a Science project he had told Lij he would help him do, but didn't because he got home too late as always and Lij was already asleep. We bought him this volcano making kit from Michael's and it SUCKED big time! We followed the instructions exactly, but the plaster we had to use to cover the plastic volcano form was drying WAY TOO quickly and it just kept sliding off the side. It looked horrible! I wish I had taken pics because after Mal got done with it, it looked AWESOME! He put some kind of plaster on it and then sprayed it with some spray texture stuff. He also put it on a base that he spray painted green to look like grass and spray painted the volcano lava and all!! I glued some toy dinosaurs, a mammoth, some people and some fake plants to it! It looked pretty good! It's going to be on display at tomorow's Open House at Lij's school. I'm sure he will get it back and I'll take pics and post them. Lij said all his friends thought it was REALLY cool! Miguel redeemed himself...KIND OF!! :)
So since I was so tired today, when Mikey took a nap, I did too! My sis called me to wake me up so I could go get Lij. Mikey was still asleep and I could have slept on too if I didn't need to get going. I need some MAJOR, UNINTERRUPTED sleep BADLY!!
I made some pumpkin bread today...from scratch! Yeah, I was pretty proud! LOL My sis had made some Pillsbury pumkin bread and kept talking about it and making me want some. Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to go to the store soon, I made some myself. At first it didn't taste so hot....maybe because it had just come out of the oven, but once it cooled, it was really yummy! Lij and Mikey loved it!! Lij said the sweetest thing to me after he ate the bread. He said "You are good at making bread, mom." And I said, "I'm good at alot of things." And then he says, "You know what you're the best at?" And I asked him "what?" And he says, "Taking care of our family." Awww! I thought that was very sweet! Elijah is such a sweet, loving boy and I hate it, but most days with Mikey driving me batty and taking up ALL, yes ALL my time...I tend to overlook him alot! The guilt I feel for it!
You'd think that after all that scrapping and altering I did in the last couple of days, I'd be "scrapped out" for a few days, but NO! I have an itch to do some scrapping. It's almost 7:30 though and Mikey is "CLAMPED ON" to me and I don't think he's going to let me. Can someone please tell Mikey that they cut the cord a little over two years ago and he CAN move away from me? I don't think he's aware of it!