Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Cards

Okay, so I did some more catching up on my cards for the art journal challenge. I'm having so much fun with this! Here are some more cards and the little luch box I altered to put them in (thanks Ang !) I did WEEK 11 (my initial), WEEK 10 (note to self), WEEK 8 (who or what do I miss), WEEK 6 (love..that one is my fave so far), and WEEK 5(use some ephemera). I still need to do WEEK 7 (shoes), WEEK 4 (a symbol I love), and WEEK 2 (what is powerful to me). I just might head off to my scraproom for bit right now that everyone is sleeping. I can't sleep very comfortably in our bed anyway with Mikey squirming in the middle, so if I'm going to lose sleep, it may as well be in the name of scrapbooking! LOL
**** OOPS, just noticed that I haven't uploaded pics of the WEEK 5 and WEEK 10 cards. I'll get those up tomorrow!****