Friday, January 30, 2009

Some 8x8 pages for my BOM

I worked on these two pages for my BOM today. For the "Almost Broken" I was inspired by Sasha's "7 Hours Wrinkles" LO. I wish I'd had a brighter blue damask paper for the background, but I didn't. The LO about my Twilight obsession was all my own. I really like how that one turned out. Lij came home today and we ordered Domino's for dinner...MMM :) I got this cute picture of Mikey and Lij together. Okay, that's all for now!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More cards...

A couple more Valentine cards. I think I'm completely done with them all. Now I just have to write my messages inside. I'm glad I got go use up some of my scraps even if it was very's a start! TFL :)

Can you feel the love?

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd have a little give away. Just a little mix of stuff that I had extras of in my stash. The vintage looking Valentine cards are from last years Daisy D's. Those little post it notes are from the Target Dollar Spot. I thought they'd make cute journal boxes. A few Tim Holtz Adage tickets, a vintage looking Prima journal page, some Prima journal cards w/those CUTE little animals, a couple of Vday diecuts and a couple of lace stuff! If you want to play, here's what you have to do. I'm always looking for new, inspiring scrapbook blogs to look at when I'm lacking mojo. So leave a comment and link me up to some fun, scrappy blogs. It doesn't have to be your could be blogs you follow, blogs you frequent. I'm just looking for some new cool scrapbooking blogs to check out. That's all :) I'll pick a winner by the end of next week!

Love is in the air...

Or is that just your Designer Imposters perfume? LOL Chon will get that! ;) So I decided to get a headstart on my Valentine's Day cards. I saw the ones Chon made the other day and was inspired! I had got this pack of 12 cards w/envelopes at Target a while back for $2 in the clearance section. They had a big red "square" on the front with a white border and they were just the thing to use for my cards! I cut out the characters from a sheet of Fancy Pants Splendid paper and I used nothing but scraps too so that's a plus! I love the way they came out! I think I'm still going to make a couple more. But yay, I'm pretty much done and ahead of the game! TFL :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another page

I did a quick page today. I had actually started this and was going a whole different way AND size, then decided to do something else. It started out as a 12x12, but then I had cropped the pic too much, so I thought I'd go with a smaller 8.5x11 page instead. I didn't lift this one which is why it was so hard to know which way to go with it. I always have a harder time trying to "figure things out" if I'm scrapping as I go..without a sketch or plan in mind. But I'm very happy with the outcome. I wanted to do a more "vintage", "shabby chic" type LO which is also hard for me at times. I think I do the more clean lined, "fun" type stuff better. Anyway..this is what I came up with. TFL :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some scrapping

I did some scrapping today...well..mostly last night. I just finished it up today. I really like it. The other one, I did a few days ago...maybe late last week, but hadn't uploaded it yet. TFL :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yard sale...

Today was the yard sale at Scrapbook 911..our LSS..well, one of them...the one I shop at the most. I had never been to one until today. My sis has sold and shopped before. And I have only sold, but this morning...VERY early I might sister called and asked me if I wanted to go and she'd come get me so since Mikey and Miguel were still asleep, I said okay. I got dressed in like 10 minutes and put on my make up on the way over there. I helped my sis set up and then we just waited in line. There weren't too many people. I've seen pics of past sales where the line was wrapped around the store, but we weren't too near the front of the line either so by the time I got in there...even though it was literally only seconds...I couldn't really get to a table to look because people were crowded around them. Some people were just grabbing TONS of stuff and sticking it in their bags...crazy! I did manage to find a few good deals...some papers, rubons, stickers. Some things still had their original prices on them and stuff that was marked for like $5.49 or $4.99, I got for FIFTY cents a piece! THAT is awesome! I only spent $17, but I got lots of sheets of "good" heavy weight paper like Heidi Swapp, Fancy Pants, BG, MME. Got some Fancy Pants rubons, some Cosmo Cricket rubons, some Sassafras Lass rubons...good stuff. Don't know if I would shop another one, but it was an experience :) Afterwards, we hit up an M's and we found that cool Martha Stewart heart lace border punch...yay! Thankfully Chon was kind enough to share a coupon with me so I got it for 40% off :) Also got a cute K&CO tag pad, some K&CO stamps, some cute owl 3d stickers and I think that's it. Good deals...good shopping I should sit my butt down and start cranking out some pages, huh? I worked on another LO tonight...almost done with it...just adding some finishing touches. I think I'll upload that one and the one I got done a few days ago tomorrow. Chon, I think we need to plan Scrapapalooza 2 to make a dent in our stash. What do you think? :) Time for bed....more later :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

An update....

I just realized I hadn't posted in a week! I can't even say it's because I haven't been online because I have...every I think last Saturday I went to a baby shower with my mom...for Miguel's best friend's wife. VERY nice people...really...they are the kind of people I strive to be more like. The shower was nice and it was a nice little "vaca" from the kiddies even if only for a couple of hours. Sunday, we took Lij back to his dad's. On Monday, my good friend Melissa brought her kids over to play with Mikey and we had a nice little visit. I hadn't seen her in over two years...probably almost THREE! The kids got along so was such a nice time. Miguel came home early from work that day because he wasn't feeling well. He had a doctor's appointment... said it was his allergies and prescribed him some allergy meds, but he didn't get any better. He stayed home the next day too. He was runny a fever, had a horrible cough. I knew he had to feel BAD because Miguel does NOT miss matter what! It's true! He went to our family doctor on Tuesday or Wednesday..can't recall because he still felt horrible. Turns out he had Bronchitis. The doc gave him a shot, antibiotics and cough meds. Thankfully, he is now on the road to recovery. He's been home all week. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy it since most of the time was spent asleep in bed feeling horrible I bet! He's going back to work on Sunday. I'm going to miss was kind of nice taking care of him. We took our mom to eat lunch today for her birthday tomorrow. We ate at Sea Island. I think the catfish I ate did not sit well with me because I had a bad stomache ache until a bit ago. The last time I ate there, the same thing happened. No more Sea Island for me. We did a little bit of shopping before lunch...Chon, my mom and I. Got some stickers at HL and a few scrappy goodies at M's. Oh and I went by 911 after lunch to pick up a RAK I had won on their blog..a cool acrylic album. I picked up a few things there too..not much at all..only spent $9. I wanted to get some scrapping done today, but I had a bad allergy headache..then the whole stomach ache. Maybe tomorrow. Chon is coming over after the 911 yard sale. We are having apple pie instead of mom wanted a pie. Hmm...what else? Can't think of anything right now. It's late and I'm still not feeling so great so I think I'll go to bed. Oh, I did finish one page the other day...just need to upload it. Okay, that's all for now :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


The paints are still available. The "lot" includes the paint trays/brushes, all the MM paints as well as the P inc ones. I'm asking for $20 local; $20 plus shipping if out of town.

The chipboard has already been SOLD :)

Both of these items are for sale together. I am asking $15 for local; $15 plus shipping if out of town.

All of the ribbons are being sold together. I'm asking for $10 local; $10 plus shipping if out of town.

The flowers have already been SOLD :)

I have a whole bunch of scrap stuff listed on Craigslist and since I can only upload four pics there, I'm uploading them here for potential buyers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Estee :)

Me and Chon decided to cyber crop this afternoon, so I decided to work on a page for Estee's contest over on :) Chon finished before me, but then I again, I was cooking lunch at the same time too so that set me back a bit. Anyway, I'm really loving the way this one turned out too! I finally got to use some of my pom pom fringe trim :) The black graph paper is old...HL..Paper Studio I think. And the red dotted one is from a pack of heart shaped papers I got in the Target Dollar Spot. I used some scraps too...always a good thing..some BG Urban Prairie and some Prima paper. I love those dimensional hearts. I think Chon said she got them at Target...Marcella by Kay..last year and she shared some with me :) Also used some Fancy Pants..cut out that little robot...Creative Imaginations, Doodlebug alphabet stickers, MM Tiny Alphas. I think those labels I journaled on were also M by Kay from Target. That's about it. TFL :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I made a card today!

I saw this cute stamp of these three chicks in a row...can't remember the brand, but I know I've seen it several places. It's a really simple stamp...the chicks are just three lined up circles with "legs" sticking out the bottom. I figured "I can do that!" And so I did! I used some Bazzill chips and covered them with Prima papers then just drew the legs on with a Sharpie. The caption bubble, I cut out of a piece of Colorbok's Lucky You paper and the foam flowers and stems I got a while back at M's. Love those stems! The base of the card..the actual card, I got at Target. It was a pack of like 12 cards with envelopes for $2 on clearance. The card just has a big, red square on the front which is the little bit of red peeking out the bottom which btw, I did on purpose :) I really love the way it came out! TFL :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Another page

I worked on this page last night. I love the way it turned out! I used my Autumn Leaves freestyle alpha stamps which I just LOVE, but had only used ONCE before a LONG time ago. I really need to remember to use my older products too..especially my stamps...and rubons. The cupcake is from this really cute notepad I got at Joanne's in the dollar bins. Each sheet looks just like that. Minus the tracing I did with my black Zig marker. That die cut journal sheet is from this cool new little MM pad called Chloe's it at M's on Friday along with some other yummy stuff. I'm sure my sis posted pics on her blog :) I trimmed the pic to look like a polaroid. For some reason that look is really appealing to me these days! That's it :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

You MUST watch this....

Scroll down to the bottom of my page and click on the GodTube video. I was so moved, touched and speechless.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pucker Up!

You know you want to kiss him! :) This is the face Mikey makes when he wants to kiss me. In the picture, he's on top of my scrap table next to the computer. He is always climbing up here when I'm sitting at the computer and he tells me "I want to kiss your little cheek." And then he makes this face! LOL I'm going to journal about that on the tag. Don't you just love that little frog? Recognize it? I found this cute little magnetic fridge notepad in the Target Dollar Spot and I just cut him out. The paper was pretty thin, but once you put it on your page, you can't tell at all. I used some of my new Sassafras Lass and some of my yummy Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes, some Prima paper, some Marcella by Kay and a heart doily that my sis had given me a while back. SO glad I found was JUST what I needed! So this makes four layouts for the year so far :) Anyone else get the urge to just scrap ALL day? Yeah, me neither...LOL :) I'm thinking of purging some stuff and putting it on Craigslist...mostly Primas, chipboard stuff and MM paints which I hardly ever use. It's kind of hard to part with some of it because it's so "nice" to look at and I think I "might" need it someday, but I have to be realistic because I don't ever use the stuff and tell myself that I can sell it and then buy stuff I WILL use and not just look at! Okay, that's all for today...night!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I always tell myself I'm going to write down things I see on blogs that I like or want to buy or layouts that I want to lift, but then I tell myself..."nah, I'll make a mental note of it...I'll remember". And guess what? Yep, I NEVER find it again or kill myself looking for hours and hours. I'm pretty sure that it was yesterday that I was surfing blogs and came across these cupcake stamps. There were about four different ones in the set I think and then there was a cute little face...eyes and mouth with the little tongue sticking out. I want to say they were from some little DT shop or something...something with QT or something like that keeps sticking out in my mind. The person whose blog I saw them on also had some examples on there and they were colored in with like shimmery pens or something....ugh, if someone could please, PLEASE find it for me, I'd be forever grateful. I have looked through all the blogs I frequent where I think I might have seen it, but nothing. Please help me before I go insane :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Number 3 :)

Another page for today :) It feels good to get to scrap...really good :) I got to use my Life At the Pole that little gingerbread man! Me and my sis have a thing for gingerbread I'm wondering if maybe I should do some "tracing" on my page in black to make things stand out? Yes? No? Me and Mikey took a nap earlier because I had an allergy headache so I don't know that he'll go to sleep early or not to squeeze in another page...hee,hee :) Maybe an 8x8 page for my BOM. I took pics of all my Twilight books to do a page on my recent "hobby" so maybe I can work on that. Oh, we got Mikey this Click Start computer for Christmas and he just LOOOOVES it! He has gotten so good at it. I love that it teaches computer using the mouse and recognizing the keys on the well as letters, matching, numbers..ect...We got him two extra carts...a Nemo and a Dora. I should look for another. They're $20, but there's alot to do on them. He was playing earlier today and he pretty much recognizes all the letters of the alphabet and knows how to recognize the letters in his name :) I love to watch him learning stuff :) I need to get a pic of him using his computer. Okay, that's all for now :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Number two....

No, not THAT kind of number two...LOL You know you were thinking it! I'm talking about my second LO of the year. It's pretty simple I think, but I used some new stuff I just got and lots of bright colors which I've been loving as of lately. I love the way the black and white pic looks against all the color. This is one of my favorite pics of me and Miguel :) I still need to add the journaling, but that's pretty much it. I should scrap some Christmas pics...didn't get many, but what I did get.

911 is having their yard sale this month and my sis got a table. I'm thinking of selling some of my jars of Primas because even though I love them and love to look at them, I have to be honest and admit to myself that I hardly ever use them. We all know how many come in a jar and even having used some here and there, the jars still look full. What else? Oh, today, I did some cleaning...most of my cleaning and I had just mopped the kitchen and I was walking in there from the laundry room and the floor was still wet and....yep, you guessed it...I slipped and fell! Right on my butt and I hurt my foot a bit, but thankfully I was wearing that splint they gave me at the ER and it really keeps my foot/ankle from bending so I didn't hurt it really...thank God! Eeekkk...I shudder to think that I might have hurt it again or made it worse had I not been wearing that thing. I had stopped using it up until a few days ago because I had noticed that my ankle was hurting kind of badly again and wondered if maybe I needed to be wearing that thing all the time. I guess I do because it doesn't hurt as much when I wear it. It's been a month I think...since it happened and I'm just wondering when I'm going to be able to use it normally. I really, REALLY need to get back on the treadmill. It is going to be SO hard when I finally do, I just know it. LOL Miguel just asked me what I was typing because I guess he just hears my fast clackity clacking...he calls it my "John Grishom typing" lol...I told him I was updating my blog. He wants to use the computer to add music to his MP3 player so I guess I should stop hogging it, huh? LOL More later :)

Seven Pounds

Anyone seen this movie yet? It's really good! I have to admit I was kind of "lost" throughout most of the know, trying to put the pieces together. It wasn't until the end of the movie that you see certain things and put 2 and 2 together and...AHA...NOW I get it! Very touching movie. I swear at the end, you could hear a whole lot of sniffling...I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the theater. I could even hear Miguel sniffling next to me, but I didn't turn to look :D We had a little "date night" tonight after we did some running around and dropped Lij back off at his dad's. We went to Target and I got my some cute baby girl stuff for a friend's upcoming shower. And I managed to get my scrap fix there too...some cute Dollar Spot finds and a MM page kit and some Marcella by Kay stuff. We did our grocery shopping then dropped Mikey off with my mom and headed out. We didn't have enough time to "sit down" and eat somewhere if we wanted to make the movie, so we grabbed some McD's and ate in the truck in the theater parking lot...romantic, huh? It was nice either way. Mikey was still up when we got home around ten, but I watched a movie with him on the couch..or I should say, I let him watch while I snuggled with him and read some more of my book. Then I lay in the bed with him until he fell asleep then snuck off :D We read "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" before he fell asleep. He pretty much has that whole book memorized. I love to hear him reciting the words in his cute little voice...for some reason, it made me miss Lij :( I got used to having him here this whole time he was off for Christmas Break. It wasn't the "best" time since alot of it was spent refereeing fights between him and Mikey, but I'd much rather have him here driving me batty than not have him here at all. As long as he's been staying with his dad, I still have not gotten used to it. Anyway, that's about it for today. Bumming around the house tomorrow...maybe some cleaning, maybe some scrapping...night :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Am...

My friend Estee posted this on her blog and I thought I'd copy it and post it here myself...just for fun :)

I am...
Reading: Eclipse...the third book in the Twilight series..just got it from Amazon today
Listening to: "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North...a new band I just found and am totally loving
Obsessed With: reading the Twilight books
Thinking About: what 2009 has in store
Planning to: make some changes in my life
Dreaming of: being skinny again...or at least smaller :)
Enjoying: each and every minute I am given :)

Vowing to: get back on the treadmill and get back into a routine as soon as my ankle is healed properly.
Working On: getting back into scrapping because I haven't been as much as I'd like to.
Excited About: The Love Dare
What are you up to?

Friday, January 2, 2009


I did a first of the year :) Gee! That was painful! The not scrapping that is. I don't know why I get into these ruts...I "want" to scrap, but sometimes...nothing...nothing comes to me. I have so many new things to play with too, but the creativity just wasn't there. I just got a package in from Stop and Scrap...the Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes paper collection and the new Imaginisce Twitterpated paper collection as well as a CUTE bird stamp from that same line. I also got a sheet of the Fancy Pants Splendid Valentine's line...the sheet with the Vday cards on cute! And some old Pink Paislee Holly Doodle alpha stickers that were on sale for .99. I already put all my stuff away so I didn't get to take a pic. Tomorrow, I should receive my third book in the Twilight series...I'm dying to get started on it. I already have the fourth one waiting thanks to my dear friend Melissa :) I'm sure I already posted that she sent it to me for Christmas along with a neat little clip on light so I can lay in bed and read in the dark after Mikey has gone to sleep. Don't know what we have planned for tomorrow. We need to take Lij back to his dad's tomorrow evening. He goes back to school on Monday or Tuesday. Okay, I have to go now...Mikey is climbing on my table and in my face. More later :)