Monday, January 5, 2009

Number 3 :)

Another page for today :) It feels good to get to scrap...really good :) I got to use my Life At the Pole that little gingerbread man! Me and my sis have a thing for gingerbread I'm wondering if maybe I should do some "tracing" on my page in black to make things stand out? Yes? No? Me and Mikey took a nap earlier because I had an allergy headache so I don't know that he'll go to sleep early or not to squeeze in another page...hee,hee :) Maybe an 8x8 page for my BOM. I took pics of all my Twilight books to do a page on my recent "hobby" so maybe I can work on that. Oh, we got Mikey this Click Start computer for Christmas and he just LOOOOVES it! He has gotten so good at it. I love that it teaches computer using the mouse and recognizing the keys on the well as letters, matching, numbers..ect...We got him two extra carts...a Nemo and a Dora. I should look for another. They're $20, but there's alot to do on them. He was playing earlier today and he pretty much recognizes all the letters of the alphabet and knows how to recognize the letters in his name :) I love to watch him learning stuff :) I need to get a pic of him using his computer. Okay, that's all for now :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

Oh, no!!! Another computer addict!!! LOL Where ever did he get that from??? ;)

I SO need to get some scrappy mojo. Maybe instead of shopping tomorrow, I'll work on a LO. Good idea:)

Love the LO. WAY cute. I want to use my Life at the Pole papers too:)