Sunday, January 4, 2009

Number two....

No, not THAT kind of number two...LOL You know you were thinking it! I'm talking about my second LO of the year. It's pretty simple I think, but I used some new stuff I just got and lots of bright colors which I've been loving as of lately. I love the way the black and white pic looks against all the color. This is one of my favorite pics of me and Miguel :) I still need to add the journaling, but that's pretty much it. I should scrap some Christmas pics...didn't get many, but what I did get.

911 is having their yard sale this month and my sis got a table. I'm thinking of selling some of my jars of Primas because even though I love them and love to look at them, I have to be honest and admit to myself that I hardly ever use them. We all know how many come in a jar and even having used some here and there, the jars still look full. What else? Oh, today, I did some cleaning...most of my cleaning and I had just mopped the kitchen and I was walking in there from the laundry room and the floor was still wet and....yep, you guessed it...I slipped and fell! Right on my butt and I hurt my foot a bit, but thankfully I was wearing that splint they gave me at the ER and it really keeps my foot/ankle from bending so I didn't hurt it really...thank God! Eeekkk...I shudder to think that I might have hurt it again or made it worse had I not been wearing that thing. I had stopped using it up until a few days ago because I had noticed that my ankle was hurting kind of badly again and wondered if maybe I needed to be wearing that thing all the time. I guess I do because it doesn't hurt as much when I wear it. It's been a month I think...since it happened and I'm just wondering when I'm going to be able to use it normally. I really, REALLY need to get back on the treadmill. It is going to be SO hard when I finally do, I just know it. LOL Miguel just asked me what I was typing because I guess he just hears my fast clackity clacking...he calls it my "John Grishom typing" lol...I told him I was updating my blog. He wants to use the computer to add music to his MP3 player so I guess I should stop hogging it, huh? LOL More later :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

Oh, that LO is TOO cute. Where is that bird and that little quote bubble from??? LOVE them.

I told you you should be wearing the brace. You don't want it to "heal wrong" and lucky you were wearing it when you fell...again. Whew!!!