Thursday, July 9, 2009

LAZY days of Summer....

I've been so lazy to update my blog! lol But I'm here now. Not that anything "that" interesting has been going on, but I can't let my followers down! LOL

So, STILL going to the gym...lifting more weight...not getting so tired or out of breath on the elliptical or the treadmill. I'm feeling REALLY good! I see a HUGE difference in the way my body looks...not so blah in the I lost TWO more pounds! That makes 8 lbs in 20 days! I think that's pretty good! Unfortunately...I still have 35 lbs to lose to get to where I ideally want to be. That would be at my pre Mikey weight and I would be just fine with that....insanely happy with that!

I've done some scrapping....the mojo was high and I finished seven pages! This puts my LO count for the year at 73! The last one I did...with the Wiggles...I'm not really liking. It is too cutesy or something...not sure, but I wasn't "feeling" it. I think the mojo was leaving me at that point! Kind of bummed about that because I really loved those pics of Miguel and Mikey at The Wiggles show at Fiesta Texas. Maybe I'll rescrap them later.
I've gotten SOO much new paper too! I know, I know...I'm bad!! I can't help's more powerful than me! lol I got like 8 new collections in the past few days. Not necessarily "new" like just released, but new to me because I just got them. At M's I got a pad of Bazzill Dotted Swiss that I just ADORE and can't wait to use! Also got the MM Just Chillin' girl pad. At Big Lots I got two of those 60 sheet AC boxes of paper...the A La Carte and the Metropolitan for $8 each. Pretty good because I think they sell those 60 sheet boxes for $19.99 at M's. Of course those are newer, more recent lines, but whatever. Paper is paper...I don't discriminate...LOL I also got Happy Mail yesterday and today....two Collage Press collections...Knave of Hearts and Sweet Shoppe. And the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird. Also got two Sassafras Lass collections..My Dearest and Pocket Full of Rosies. I love me some Sass!! :) I want to scrap SO badly, but I think I have paper overload! I don't know what to use! lol I guess that's not such a bad thing...having all those paper options. So, that's pretty much all that's been going on. OH, we had Mikey's ENT appointment today...FINALLY..and $365 later, they only confirmed what we already knew...that his tonsils are extremely large and that his adenoids are probably enlarged as well and that is causing him all the trouble with the loud snoring and nasal congestion. So, now we just have to schedule his surgery which I'm not looking forward to because they are going to have to do blood work on him and I don't think that is going to go well. I am definately going to ask them to put that numbing cream on him before they do. I remember that from when Elijah was a baby and in the hospital with Pneumonia. That helped ALOT for drawing blood. I do NOT want to have to hold him down or anything like that. That is just too traumatizing. So we are thinking maybe doing it at the end of August/early September to try to get him on Miguel's insurance at work so that we don't have to pay all this money out of our own pockets. I really just want all this to be done and over with and get back to "normal". Okay, it's late and I'm beat... here's pics of my pages...nighty night.