Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some more pages...I'm at 96 now....

Just wanted to share some recent pages. For some reason, I'm not "feeling" the scrappy mojo and my pages are feeling forced :( I want to scrap so badly, but the ideas and inspiration are just not coming!

Still working out. I still haven't weighed myself so not sure how many more pounds, if any, I have lost. I did do my measurements the other day and took note of those. Too bad I didn't do that when I very first started working out and dieting! I know that I've lost lots of inches, but it would be nice to know exactly how many. Went to class at church w/Laura again yesterday. Brother James wasn't there again so Joe I think his name was led the class. He did show up after class to tell us about some changes to the class schedule and he showed me and Laura this cool new class he's going to start w/resistance bands! I'm really looking forward to that one! Anyway, the workout was HARD! But good! REALLY good workout! My legs are feeling it today. Going to the gym later this afternoon. Also went on Tuesday. I'm hoping to go tomorrow as well as on Saturday and rest on Sunday. What else? Lij started school this Monday. He says he likes it and that he thinks he will have a good year since he knows everyone now. I'm happy to hear that because we had some issues last year with certain kids picking on him throughout the year. We are still getting used to the whole waking up early routine. So far, it's kicking my butt! lol I am NOT a morning person. And last night, I didn't get to bed until midnight because I was watching a Tyler Perry movie on TBS. I LOOOOVE me some Tyler Perry!! I have watched quite a few of his movies and just LOVE them all! I think I'd like to try to buy all the ones I've seen so far. LOL Just another thing to buy!

Well, I think that's all for now! :)